Shaping containment bodies really work?

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Body contenitivi modellanti funzionano veramente? - Intimo modellante snellente contenitivo donna
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THEshaping containment bodyare products that many women used to flaunt oneslimmer figure. But they really work?

Body contenitivi modellanti funzionano veramente?


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Body contenitivi modellanti funzionano veramente?

Thecontainment body it is a product that many women have been considering to show soona slimmer figure. During the 1990s they were very popular, so much so that they were available in a wide variety of shapes and materials.

There were people who wore them for a short time ', while others even went to work with thecontainment bodymodeling. Which was the most suitable They all worked the sameo?

Now, it's worth asking: do i workshaping containment body?

The shaping bodies are useful products?

Body contenitivi modellanti funzionano veramente?

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Body contenitivi modellanti funzionano veramente?

Although some claim that its use increases sweating in some areas and aids in weight loss, body sculptors fail to do so.

In fact, the skin in the area where thebody modeling it tries to compensate for the temperature of the area by losing fluid, but that fluid comes from the circulatory system.Therefore, you are not magically "losing weight".

  • The increase in temperature in the area where the modeling body is placed does not stimulate the "destruction" of fat
  • The accumulated fat does not melt with heat, like a piece of butter in a hot pan
  • "If it tightens too much, it is because they are" shaping. "False, the adipocytes are in some areas and cannot move through too strong compression, and if excessive compression is applied, we can interfere with the lymphatic circulation or predispose to disturbances of the skin, such as dermatitis. So it's a lie that "tighter, better"
  • Many containment leotards were promoted as products that could fight water retention, "shape" fat and support daily physical activity, yet all of this is a myth.
Apart from these, there are many other myths surrounding the usefulness ofbody modeling and how they work that confuse people and lead them to expectations that are not in line with reality
We need to clarify that although there are patients who experience some improvement in posture while using thebody shaping and containment, in certain circumstances, this does not mean that these are the ideal products to lose weight in a short time.

And the advertisements?

In addition to what we have seen previously, to get sales, it has been stated thatnot all body shaping leotards are designed to reduce the hips, stomach and waist. In fact, most were marketed for the sole purpose of "containing" the figure for as long as it was worn.

Presumably, there are body modeling (of different sizes and adapted to different parts of the body, such asthe thighs, i buttocks, belly and chest), but the truth is that, as much as the advertising says they are suitable for this and that, we must be careful which brand to choose, in order not to be disappointed.

Many women rely on us and used oursbody shaping, containing, slimming and reducing under clothes to look slimmer, while others take them with them to the gym to "sweat" more in some areas and thus "work more".

 The only thing that is proven is that the combination of a balanced diet, according to the needs of the body, in combination with the practice of daily exercise can help you lose weight and look much healthier, progressively.

They serve to improve posture?

Many women have claimed that when they wore abody reducer have experienced an improvement in the level of posture, as it helps them to be more upright and, therefore, to avoid bending. Especially when doing office work.

Although it is true that there are godsbody posture correctorthat they can help you get better posture, we must not forget that it is essential to rely on a set of good habits.

To improve posture, regular abdominal exercises are recommended.

Bottom line: any method to slim the waistline must be accompanied by a balanced diet and exercise at least 3-4 times a week. Check with your nutritionist for the most suitable diet for you and start practicing an activity you enjoy or just take a walk every day, even for half an hour.

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Body contenitivi modellanti funzionano veramente?