Come dimagrire prima del matrimonio -

How to lose weight before marriage

In the period preceding the wedding, people often struggle with drastic diets, many times they do not need a real diet, but only to avoid some mistakes in their diet.


Come dimagrire prima del matrimonio


If you are afraid of not falling into that mermaid wedding dress you liked so much or that the model you fell in love with may be too snug for your shapes, do not despair, follow our tips to arrive at your wedding day with a dazzling shape! It only takes a few weeks!


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Come dimagrire prima del matrimonio


In addition to being inseparable from water it is advisable to drink at least 1.5 liters per day and exercise daily, remember not to follow a miraculous diet and less without the supervision of an expert. So, 10 allies to lose up to five pounds for your wedding, take note!a!


Dimagrire prima del matrimonio


  1. You shouldn't skip breakfast.If you eat breakfast, your metabolism is activated, so choose nutritious foods to stay satiated throughout the morning so you avoid pecks at sweets. Eg,opt for oatmeal for breakfastNot only will they keep you full for hours, they're also packed with minerals, vitamins, proteins, healthy fats, powerful antioxidant avenanthramides found only in oats, and soluble fiber. This will reduce cholesterol levels, prevent hypertension and decrease the risk of obesity.à.
  2. Rich and delicious soups.  Now that the cold arrives, they are perfect for warming us, because in addition to warming us, the soups hydrate and satiate, providing zero calories. Therefore, do not be surprised that chicken broths with vegetables, fish soups, light vegetable purees and even cold soups are a trump card in all diets because, in addition to controlling appetite, they provide lost electrolytes from exercise or stress.
  3. Fruit bag, just a handful. There is a misconception about this, since some believe they contribute to fat, but this is not the case as long as it is done correctly. The fats provided by nuts are healthy. According to recent research, it was found that fats are not the main culprits of obesity, but refined carbohydrates and added sugars.
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