Come dire addio alla cellulite! -

How to say goodbye to cellulite!

What is cellulite?

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Technically, it is an inflammation of the cells of the fat layer just under the skin.

It manifests itself over time when the blood struggles to return to the heart, then stagnates in the vessels that lose their elasticity and permeability. In this case the liquid part of the blood, the plasma, exudes from the vessels and settles in the surrounding tissues, creating a swelling.

At this point the lymphatic system should drain the waste and excess fluids, but if it is already overworked it cannot reabsorb the edema, which in addition to creating a swelling prevents the correct circulation even to the neighboring tissues. The affected areas are characterized by dull skin, lacking in tone, with swellings and depressions that resemble orange peel.a.

If you do not intervene from the inside, with the lifestyle and with the application of the right products or the execution of the most appropriate treatments, cellulite is subject to a progressive worsening that depends on the blood and lymphatic circulation.. 

come curare la cellulite

How to prevent it?

Preventing cellulite is possible thanks to some simple tips, practicable by everyone, with a certain advance compared to the much feared costume fitting. First of all, there is nothing better than a nice walk to activate the circulation. Three kilometers a day, for about half an hour, allow our body to speed up water retention and at the same time eliminate accumulated toxins. It is good to carry out this practice in green and well-oxygenated areas, as well as relaxing. Remember that stress greatly affects the formation of cellulite. Even the sea can be an excellent context in which to walk, due to the presence of iodine, which promotes good circulation.e.

From a food point of view, it is good to consume an apple for breakfast, or alternatively some dananas, preferably accompanied by a cup of water with a teaspoon of ventilated clay.ta.

If you want to move your life, sign up for a hydrobike or water aerobics course, disciplines that contemplate movement in water. If, on the other hand, you don't feel like socializing so much, just use cold water when washing your legs or sign up for a yoga class..

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New and effective ways to combat it:

eliminare la cellulite  

Theultrasound cavitation act on fat cells by emptying and destroying them, so they are perfect especially for those who also have localized fat accumulations.

Thewaves durtoo they are perfect for treating orange peel skin. You recognize them because the handpiece you use makes a noise similar to that of a pneumatic hammer..

Finally, theradiofrequency consists of electromagnetic waves that produce heat, with the effect of stimulating circulation, draining liquids and regenerating collagen, toning the skin..

There are other modern techniques widely used such as: Ma-Ma, Venus Legacy and Bum Bum Tonic. The latter destroys the accumulations of localized fat and the mattress skin. It is now a certainty that with its durto waves it eliminates this imperfection. To have a more aggressive effect, different radio frequencies can be combined which play an important role both on cellulite and on localized fat. Ma-Ma is instead the union of two technologies from which it takes its name: Matripor electroporation, electrical impulses that momentarily increase the permeability of the skin and Maximus innovative technology that acts with radio frequency to eliminate cellulite and at the same time tone the muscles. Finally, Venus Legacy, a special multipolar radiofrequency with ultra-pulsed magnetic fields, which stimulates the production of collagen, elastic fibers and melts fat deeply, redefining the silhouettehouette

We also reportVelaShape III, a machine that combines radiofrequency, infrared laser and mechanical suction to give rapid and visible results thanks to the simultaneous action obtained both on the superficial and deep layers of the tissues affected by cellulite.

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Combat it surgically:


For those who do not want invasive treatments or for those who have tried everything without a solution, there are on the market containment and shaping underwear garments, created specifically to hide imperfections without the need to resort to surgical or cosmetic methods.

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