How to avoid underwear marks

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The visible lines of the underwear can ruin your day, while the invisible lines of the underwear will help you improve your look by making the silhouette more elegant and sexy. To avoid visible lines of underwear, it is important to choose the right underwear. There are also some additional undergarments you can use and some clothes you shouldn't wear if you want to always be flawless.

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1 method - Choose the right underwearo

 1. Make sure it fits you. ! The most important thing is to buy theunderwear that looks good on you! Make sure it's not too tight or it will mark your skin and leave and you will notice visible lines underneath your clothes. At the same time, if you choose very loose underwear, it can easily fold under your clothes, showing wrinkles and lumps.

  • If the elastic marks your skin and you feel it tighten, then the underwear is very tight.
  • If there is excess fabric or if you feel that your underwear is not supporting your buttocks at all, it may be too large

2. Consider using thong. !Brazilians simply have no lines to show, making them the ideal choice ofunderwear. While they may not be the most comfortable underwear, they are a good option when you are wearing very tight clothing.


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  • Be sure to check the back of your body when you sit or bend, since these positions usually expose part of the thong if you plan on wearing pants.
  • If you are worried about your thong showing when you bend over, be sure to wear pants at the waist, skirts or blouses that extend beyond your waist.
  • The g-string has even less fabric than the thong, so it's the best option for smoothing the lines of your underwear.
  • Remember that thongs are much less comfortable if they are too tight, so you should get one that fits you.


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3. Wear short compression shorts.! For those women who can't stand thongs, there is another alternative! Underwear shorts completely cover your intimate area, and because they don't cross your buttocks, they make you look good without marking the skin than most panties.

  • You have to be more careful with underwear shorts than with thongs, because they don't completely eliminate the possibility of visible lines in your underwear.
  • It's a good idea to try them on with your favorite pants.
  • You can find them in different materials. Choose one that you feel comfortable with and that has invisible or minimal seams.
  • Make sure they fit well, but don't mark the skin.

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4. Look for seamless underwear.! Not all underwear brands have a seamless underwear line. There are several styles to choose from. Many of these styles have laser cut edges, which are very thin edges that have no visible lines.

  • Elastic and spandex underwear is very good so that you cannot see the lines of the underwear.
  • Unfortunately cotton underwear, which is best for women's health because it allows you to breathe the intimate area, usually features visible lines of underwear, as the fabric is very thick


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5. Be careful of the colors.! Combine your underwear with your skin color when you wear light colored clothes. Nude clothing complements skin color, leaving invisible lines in underwear, even if your pants show some

6.Do not wear underwear. If you are brave enough to do it, don't wear underwear. This is the only way to know that you have no visible lines.

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  • Not wearing underwear is best when wearing pants. You should always wear underwear with skirts and dresses.
  • Make sure you wash your pants after each use when you're not wearing underwear to prevent infections such as bacterial vaginosis and infections.
  • Some sports pants are made with special linings so you can wear them without underwear
  • If you feel uncomfortable with this, you can also buy cotton patches that adhere to the inside of your pants, giving you the freedom not to wear underwear without any discomfort.


Method 2 - Wear additional undergarmentsi

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1. Wear a compression band.! If you want a completely smooth look without wearing a thong or underwear, consider wearing a belt under your clothes. These undergarments usually extend to the middle of the thigh, so there won't be any underwear line. They also fit the belly and come in various styles for different body types.

  • You can wear underwear below the waist or not, depending on your taste
  • If you want to contain the buttocks, thighs and lower abdomen, you can buy an elegant slimming containment underwear. To cover more, you can choose a style of shorts that cover the whole leg or a style that also covers the upper part of your body except the chest.).
  • You shouldn't use a smaller garment. If you feel you are squeezing too much or starting to feel numb or tingling, the band is too tight.

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2. Use support panties! If sling isn't your thing, maybe you get the same benefits with a pair of high waisted support panties. Use them under pants or with a skirt for a smoother look.

As with the sash, you don't need to wear any other underwear under your panties if you don't want to. The decision is up to you.

You can use the high-waisted style if you want to cover your abdomen, although panties will never give you control of the girdles again.


3 method -- Wear clothes that hide the lines of the underwear.

1. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight.Clothing that is too tight will always mark the lines of your underwear if you are wearing any. If you don't feel comfortable not wearing underwear or using a thong, but you don't want underwear lines, don't wear pants or skirts that are too tight.

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  • Leggings are very likely to show the lines of the underwear. If you want to wear them with your regular underwear, consider wearing a shirt the length of a tunic. The shirt will cover your buttocks, so you don't have to worry about whether or not the lines of your underwear are visible from your leggings.
  • If you like to wear skirts, consider a not too tight style that doesn't show a lot of underwear lines. .

2. Choose thicker fabrics.! Pants and skirts made of thick fabrics are much less likely to show underwear lines than silky, tight fabrics. If you don't want to bother with underwear lines, choose fabrics like denim and tweed instead of fabrics like silk.

The back pockets add extra fabric to the pants, so they can also help you hide the lines of your underwear.

Remember that not all jeans are created equal. Some are much thicker, while others are thinner and more elastic. Choose thicker, looser styles if you don't want the lines of the linens to be marked.

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3. Choose your prints.! Prints are better for hiding the lines of underwear. So, if you want to wear yoga leggings or tight yoga pants with your regular underwear, it might be best to go for a printed piece.

  • Remember that the prints will not eliminate the lines of the underwear, they will only help you hide them. It is a good idea to check if you notice the lines of the underwear in the mirror before you leave.

4. Avoid wearing translucent pants.! You will have to think a lot about choosing the right underwear if you are going to wear translucent pants. If you don't want worries.

  • Usually, white pants are the cause, so always make sure your underwear isn't visible before buying the pants.
  • Leggings and yoga pants are also translucent, so make sure you buy a pair that is thick and opaque.


  • If you decide not to wear underwear, don't use jeans or other thick fabrics. The friction created can be intolerable.
  • Regardless of what you do, make sure you feel comfortable.