You would like to organize your wedding but the guest list you have created is too long. You don't know what to do ...
Creating the guest list is one of the most delicate tasks in organizing a wedding. Many couples don't have the budget to invite all people from both families, friends and acquaintances, or just don't want a big wedding and prefer a more intimate wedding.
It is clear that no matter what type of wedding you organize, you should always make decisions about whether to invite certain people to the wedding or not and this can be quite complicated and create tension between the couple and also between the family.
I am very much in favor of the fact that in every wedding it is the couple who decide what kind of wedding they want to organize, how they want to decorate it, how they want to celebrate it and, above all, with whom they want to celebrate it. As a married woman, I can assure you that there are always people in the family who are trying to influence or who think it's not cool not to invite "peter" or "paul". Girl I assure you it will happen to you, believe me!
My advice is before you start thinking about the guest list, sit down with your future spouse and talk about the type of wedding you want big or something more intimate, what budget do you have if you are willing to have some relatives usually parents. .. which will influence the choice of guests.ati.
In my marriage, we were very clear that we wanted an intimate marriage with only the people we deal with every day and that we had a close, uncompromising relationship. The latter was very important to us and we made it very clear. We informed our parents of what we had decided and they understood. We didn't have any arguments or arguments.
I recommend that everyone prepare their own guest list and categorize family, friends, co-workers. Once you have listed your list. The questions will arise! And to save yourself from unnecessary discussions I recommend that you review this diagram. Maybe you find it funny but in my opinion it is very useful to make decisions !!!!
And finally, a woman-to-woman tip: don't worry about the people you won't invite to the wedding !! We are in times of crisis and many people consider a wedding invitation an extra expense and on the other hand they understand that today's weddings are more intimate and that the whole neighborhood is no longer invited; -..
Don't forget that the most important thing is you, that it is YOUR day and that you will pass or that it should only be once in a lifetime! Make sure your wedding day is exactly what you dreamed of!o!