How to hide wide hips : 10 tips to streamline wide hips

Showing the curves is sexy, but we don't always want to put our hips on display, especially if they're very wide.
How to hide wide hips : 10 tips to streamline wide hips
Hiding wide hips is possible with some makeup.
We are women, we have curves and we are finally beginning to look at them with kinder eyes. The extreme thinness that has always given so much to talk about begins to be supplanted by the sinuosity of the curves. But even so, instead of proudly showing what our nature has sculpted, we are afraid to show ourselves as we are and continue to ask ourselves how to hide the broad hips.

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How to hide wide hips : 10 tips to streamline wide hips
Luckily the fashion industry, the mirror in which we look so much, begins to wake up and surrender to beautiful women whose silhouettes break with the canons installed for years. Archetypes begin to change, to be more flexible and varied, to represent in a more reliable, more real way, the beauty that exists in all people.
How to hide wide hips : 10 tips to streamline wide hips
Our reference fee should not be that of this or that model whose personality and lifestyle have nothing to do with ours, but rather look at ourselves and ask ourselves how we could exalt that natural charm that is standard and makes us unique. And if to feel more beautiful we have to resort to certain stylistic arrangements, well that's what they're for.
For this reason, although the line of wide hips reinvented as an indelible symbol of femininity, for all those who prefer to put themselves in the background to see each other better, here we reveal some small secrets.

How to hide the wide hips with 10-pointers to feel safer than you

Keep these ideas in mind when you dress to feel more confident in the composition of your outfits:

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How to hide wide hips : 10 tips to streamline wide hips

1. He wears dark clothes for that area, but not just black.

 Any tone in its darkest version can be useful (brown, navy blue, green...)You don't just have to use black like most women do. Each of them hides and will give you more game to compose your outfits, even though they are woven with an opaque finish, because the brightness gives a feeling of volume.

2. Avoid printing.

Large designs and shapes increase the feeling of volume as well as focusing attention on that area. Instead, it uses uniformly colored coats or small prints (e.g. Yeah, they pass more unnoticed.

3. Wears shirts that exceed the widest part of the hips.

Not only in your tops, sweaters or shirts, but also apply this suggestion to the jackets or cardigans you use if what you want is hide the wide hips. To do this, look in the mirror at the point where the hips have their maximum width and try to make the length of the garments exceed that area of a few centimeters.

But always without losing sight of the lower part; be careful not to visually prolong life too much because it can visibly reduce the length of the legs. In this case, remember, with a little heel, you can correct it.

How to hide wide hips : 10 tips to streamline wide hips

4. He wears pants that connect to just a few inches under his belly button.

This way the hips will arrive well without marking them too much and allow you to wear shirts or shirts inside your pants. This way you can expand the way you wear top clothes without just wearing them by covering the hip line.

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How to hide wide hips : 10 tips to streamline wide hips

5. Draw the spotlights on the shoulders or on the cleavage.

Are you lucky enough to have a thin neck and find the way your clavicles stand out? Or are you particularly proud of your cleavage? In any case, take advantage of that attraction you have and make sure your eyes are directed preferably towards the area with which you feel more comfortable. That way you'll go unnoticed for what you don't like so much.

It strengthens the shoulders with more structured lines in that area, for example with blazers or shirts. The canopy on the tops, the balloon sleeves and the large prints or with horizontal lines will also be great allies to optically enlarge that area and then help to match it to the lower width to harmonize your silhouette.

A visible cleavage, a decorated head or with volume at the height of the chest, as well as short necklaces will focus attention on that area for you most attractive and you will feel safer hiding the Wide hips.

How to hide wide hips : 10 tips to streamline wide hips

6. Avoid elastic or thick fabrics for trousers

The former will only round and highlight the area they cover. And the latter will contribute with their thickness to a greater visual weight. In short, if you have to see, let's forget about the lycra leggings that will only serve to frame and highlight, as well as wool trousers or skirts and other winter fabrics that will give us an additional volume where we really want to take it off.

7. Forget the low belts.

When we use pants or skirts that start from that point, we will create a horizontal line that will make the eyes go right there, in addition to which we will widen the hips.

8. Avoid pants that are too tight or skinny

Shrinking too much in the ankle area, it increases the feeling of wide hips and voluminous thighs greatly increasing the width difference between the two parts.

How to hide wide hips : 10 tips to streamline wide hips

9. Discard skirts with a lot of flight and volume.

It is preferable to opt for straight cuts that fasten at the waist or those that stand a few centimeters under the navel and have a slightly oversized fall.


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How to hide wide hips : 10 tips to streamline wide hips

10. Definitely, avoid anything that adds volume to the area of the hips and thighs;

Avoid contrasts (both color and texture), light colors, horizontal stripes, ornaments (including abdominal belts), large prints (better if thin, like small pois) and "very large" pockets for hip height. The latter can be sewn closed or removed, as it optically widens the hips.