How to hide your belly:all the tips to feel at the top

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Come nascondere la pancia: tutti i consigli per sentirsi al top -
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Having a prominent abdomen is not a crime, but if you improve your diet and help yourself with a few tips when getting dressed, you will feel more encouraged to burn that fat that doesn't benefit you.

Having a prominent abdomen is a source of insomnia.

Come nascondere la pancia: tutti i consigli per sentirsi al top
Exercise will always be the best option, but help yourself with onebalanced diet and wearing some clothes that might favor your appearance, it doesn't hurt
The inflammation of the stomach, beyond the "look", could hide, according to experts, problems of gastritis, irritable bowel and premature obesity.
Remember that based on the waist circumference you can determine if there is obesity: in a man, the waist should be less than 94 centimeters, and in a woman, 80 centimeters.
The key to discovering the cause of your bulging abdomen is to change your diet and be physically active. If you don't notice the changes, it would be good to see a doctor.
Foods that are suitable and those that are not
Designer and personal shopper Erika Sheaf points out which garments and styles a person with a prominent abdomen should say yes to and which ones should definitely say no.

Say yes:

* Garments with the cut just below the chest and that fall loose from that point: they are ideal for hiding the abdomen and stylizing the figure. Dresses, blouses or blouses that also have a V-neck or criss-cross will favor more when looking for a more stylized shape to the body.
* Dark colors: black, navy blue, wine red, dark brown manage to visually hide the volume of an abdomen. It is also preferable to wear a single color from head to toe, as it lengthens the figure.
* Overlapping garments: open jackets, blazers, cardigans and vests offer an interesting visual effect on the abdomen. Obviously the length of the jackets or blazers must reach the height of the hips and have a single closure.
* Vertical lines: the lines in this position stylize the figure. It is always better if the lines are thin.
* Modeling containing intimate tank tops and tank tops if you don't have circulation problems and if it doesn't tighten too much, onegood quality shaping tank top It does not hurt. Avoid them being uncomfortable and choose ones that allow you to breathe easily. Prefer those that do not mark and adapt to the clothes you wear while remaining invisible.

Modeling containing tank top

Canotta Contenitiva modellante

Strong compression modeling tank top

Canotta modellante compressione forte


Say no:

* Large, eye-catching prints - If your stomach is already prominent, obviously there is no need to draw more attention to that area of your body. In addition, large prints give the feeling of having more volume.

*  High-waisted garments: they serve to stretch the legs, but in the case of having aprominent abdomen, what these garments would end up getting is showing protrusions that are marked and don't fit. You'd be better off wearing low or mid-rise pants.

* Horizontal lines: they are not recommended because they generate a perspective of enlargement of the figure, especially the abdomen.


Strong containment vest

canotta intima donna modellante


Undershirt containing wide straps

 canotta intima contenitiva donna


Invisible slimming undershirt

canotta intima donna modellante


Women's modeling undershirt

canotta intima donna modellante