How to choose the right shaping underwear.

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Come scegliere l'intimo contenitivo modellante giusto.
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Quick guide to choosing the bestcontaining and shaping underwearfor your body.

intimo contenitivo e modellante

Lcontaining and modeling underwear received a lot of criticism. Some compared them to torture devices that crush your insides in the name of beauty. So there is the problem of having to constantly and discreetly adjust the sheath that is rolling down or sliding up. If you've had one of these bad fights with containment underwear, it's because it hasn't done its job, which is to help you feel comfortable and in control.
What if we told you that the discomfort of squeezing, rolling and scuff marks you experienced is because the underwear you chose is the wrong size easy to repair or the wrong one for your body type also a simple solutionice)?

intimo contenitivo


'Discover the most exclusive shaping underwear'

intimo contenitivo modellante

Just as no two bodies are alike, not all clothing fits all shapes. This guide will help you discover the perfect match the next time you are looking for amodeling underwear to feel comfortable and confident.

1. What result do you want?

First things first: what are you looking for The level of control, also known as compression of the modeling lingerie, will determine the outcome, so make sure it matches your goals.
 CONTROLMEDIUM - You've got bacon and you want to flatten it so you can wear tighter clothes Medium control, daily modeling underwear eliminates trouble spots so you can show off your look all day..
MEDIUM-HIGH CONTROL --  You're looking to accentuate your curves, firm control underwear is made with stretchy fabrics that move with your body adding modeling to your shape. You should choose a comfortable and breathable control underwear..
EXTRA HIGH CONTROL - - You have a special occasion where you want to appear leaner (while still being able to breathe the extra control underwear they are perfect for formal and structured dresses like bridal gowns, prom dresses, evening dresses and cocktail dresses. You should feel toned and without feeling constricted.a.
No matter how firm the control of your underwear is, you should never feel like a stuffed sausage. If your breathing or movement is restricted, try a size or two up.

2. Which area do you want to model?

Shaping underwear is like real estate - it's about location, location, location. But not everyone wants or needs beachfront properties or little straps to be happy. So which points on your body are sources of discomfort that you want to turn into a happy placece?
FULL BODY - Some of us have problems in more than one place. If you want a more elegant physique, try along containment body. Just make sure the bodysuit has an easily accessible opening for bathroom breaks!
TORSO - You can say goodbye to swelling of the bra and theflab spills: if you are aware that you have thebacon, rolls of flab in the waist or back, increase your self-esteem with a containment tank top.
SEAT AND HIPS -   You have avoluminous butt or wide hips that you would like to slim down or an overly flat butt that needs a push from Dalle containment panties aishaping shorts that make your butt lift, you have all kinds of options to help you feel better with the thighs, the legs, sit and ibelly.

3. What is the shape of your body?

Now that we've determined what look you're looking for and which stitches you'd like to shape and contain, it's time to find the right containment underwear for your fitness.

come scegliere l'intimo contenitivo e modellante giusto

'Discover the most exclusive shaping underwear'



pantaloncini snellenti


If you have a broad bust with narrow shoulders and hips, you have an apple shape. This means that you tend to carry extra weight in your belly. If your tummy is making it difficult for you to find clothes that fit well, or if it's simply preventing you from feeling fabulous, here are some shaping underwear options to give your tummy and waistline definition.


pantaloncini contenitivi vita alta

Ourslimming shortseveryday are the best sellers. They smooth gentlybelly, waist and thighs,  they are breathable and comfortable like a second skin.


Body lungo riduttore taglie forti

Long body reducer plus sizes very nice and light perfect under pants, Body Reducer shapes the butt by adding 360 degree average control to the belly, waist and back. Another option visit our shop tyna.itt



Body contenitivo e modellante pancia

Thiscontainment and belly shaping body it's nice and subtle, but offers firm control over thewaistline,belly, buttocks isback.a real touch of support.



intimo contenitivo modellante

You have small breasts with a straight torso, slim hips and long legs. Welcome to the rectangle body area. The good news: Most models are shaped like your body, which means most of the clothes are designed for your build..

But alas, some women of rectangular shapes worry that they don't look "feminine enough", or that their pants are "too flat" - your little back is adorable. If this is a concern for you, here are some tips to help you achieve a more curved look while showing off your long, lean legs:e:

 pantaloncin contenitivi push up

Make your curves stand out with thesepush up shaping shorts, areultralight and you can wear them with any outfit. Check out our collection on




Come scegliere l'intimo contenitivo modellante giusto.

If your hips and shoulders are the same width and your waist is naturally shaped, you have the coveted hourglass build. Lucky lady!

Even if you were born with a figure that many women with different body types use shaping underwear to imitate you, you may have developed some bulges that throw your curves out of the way and your self-esteem out of order.

Great, we've got you covered. Here are some pieces to help you smooth your curves:

Guaina modellante senza cuciture

Seamless shaping girdle - flab spills A warm hug of modeling that smoothes the belly and buttocks and brings your life back to life..


Conotta Contenitiva modellante

Say "sayonara" to the armpit rolls with thisModeling containing tank top smoothing that you can wear as a tank top, under a blazer or under your shirt.


Guaina modellante fianchi

 High waist modeling hips sheath - Thighs rubbing under your skirt You're not alone. The secret to defeating the evil rub is this anti-rubbing sheath. Go to the next level with this wonderful one modeling sheath that gives to yoursbelly,life issit down a toned look without having to ride a bike!)!



Guaina modellante fianchi vita alta.

If you have a small bust, thin shoulders, a well-defined waist, wide hips and thighs, and a round lower back, you have a type ofpear shaped. Unrealistic beauty standards may have led you into a love-hate relationship with your lower half.

It's time to stop hating your hips and show them the love they deserve with a warm hug of a right containment underwear for you.

Here are some pieces that are perfectly paired with apear-shaped body.

Body contenitivo lungo busto aperto

Sculpt your hips, flatten your belly and tidy your thighs with thislong open bust body.


Pantaloncini contenitivi pancia

Tummy containment shortsUltralight but strong enough to shape your thighs, butt and stomach.



Pantaloncini contenitivi pancia.

You are a strawberry girl if you have broad shoulders, a generous bust, narrow hips and a small back. Your stunning, curvy upper body grabs attention ...

If you sometimes feel uncomfortable and throw yourself down, here are some solutions forjust underwear:

Canottiera contenitiva

Containment tank top shape your breasts leaving them free. with a good bra and thiscontainment vest that sculpts the back and upper abdomen.


Body modellante senza cuciture

Thisseamless modeling body gives you extra support in the bust area while offering complete control of theback, of thelife and ofbelly.


The right shape for YOU

The bodies come in beautiful varieties. Wear a it is not about turning your body into something it cannot be - it is about celebrating your body's full potential as you were created.