How to dress after childbirth: advice for the choice of post-party clothing

You just gave birth and your body still needs time to recover. Don't be in a hurry. For now, enjoy your bebe, after childbirth and feel comfortable, safe and elegant with your new figure following our advice.
A week after the birth of my first child, illustrious of myself, I packed all the clothes I’d worn for the past nine months. Error! When I tried what I was wearing before I was pregnant, I realized that the only thing that was fine with me was a couple of leggings. Neither jeans nor skirts came to my life and I refused to wear my pregnant clothes again. I had to be creative with what I already had and go shopping

Your body is wonderful.

Before you start buying, reconcile with your new figure. It’s a temporary thing and accepting your new physique will help you feel better. He thinks that wonderful body you've got gave you what you most want in your life, your baby. Once we have reached this great step, always pick out clothes that flatter youRemember, at this stage of the immediate postpartum is preferable avoid very tight or very wide clothing. It will also help you keep in mind the following suggestions:

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1. Buy new underwear

Regardless of whether or not you are breast-feeding your baby, the bra size has changed from pregnancy, so it is a good idea to buy one that fits your new measures.

2. Probate to create in your wardrobe a black ward

It may not be your favorite color, but it's a safe hit. Not only stylize your figure, but it’s also easy to match any other boss and gives you a plus of elegance if you need it. It is only a matter of choosing the right additional components.

3. Wear a printed blouse

A broad blouse printed on leggings or jeans will give you a simple and elegant look. And not only that, it will also allow you to hide your belly and any stain. By now you will know that children sometimes pour some milk after breastfeeding.

4.Procure a wide blouse

A wide blouse or T-shirt with drapery in the belly area is very flattering and feminine.

5. Choose a tunic

A fabric robe hides your belly, at the same time it makes you look cured and feel comfortable.

6. Change the style of pants

Leggings or elastic jeans stove? Invest in a pair of fantasy-wide pants, which look very elegant when worn with dancers.

7. Choose high-lived pants

High-lived pants hide a flabby belly, while low-living pants accentuate it. Wear them with blouse or blouse and dancers.

8.Wear the right jeans

I mean, buy skinny or straight jeans, but not flared, which will make your hips look wider.

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9.Buyed smooth skirts, at least in front

Choose a skirt with a smooth front that closes to the side, because it will flatten the belly area. Lateral closure prevents you from adding more volume on your belly.

10.Use accessories smartly

Add a touch of elegance instantly with a colorful scarf, beautiful purse, or a magnificent jewel.

Add a plus to your look with shoes

Depending on the shoes you choose, you can totally change the style of any outfit. You already knew that. You can give the same jeans a more casual air with ticked or more elegant sneakers with high-heeled boots. Therefore, investing in shoes never hurts.

With a child in his arms, comfort is first of all. You may prefer to wear low shoes, like dancers, which will add a sophisticated touch and match perfectly to jeans, leggings, clothes and skirts. Flat boots or sneakers are also other options.

Heel boots are fine with blouses and clothes, though it is better to leave them for when you leave without the baby.

Five minutes trick

The first few months after childbirth, and with children in general, time is money. More in the morning. If you're one of those who like to make up, we offer you some advice that will help you look fabulous in five minutes.

  • Choose a bright bottom that gives a healthy and immediate color to your skin
  • Apply the blush, stretching it with your fingers, to add a warm brightness to your face
  • With a kohl pencil, it aligns its eyes, keeping the line as close to the upper eyelashes as possible. On the lower eyelashes to fade for a softer effect
  • Concentrate your look by choosing a mascara that gives volume to the eyelashes
  • A little pink lipstick works well with all the skin tones and will make your lips more fleshy
How to dress after childbirth: advice for the choice of post-party clothing
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