Come-vestirsi-per-Natale-e-le-feste:-Outfit -natalizio-2020

How to dress for Christmas and the holidays:Christmas outfit 2020

Christmas is a time whenwe would all like to give ourselves a little more, and also, it's a good time to do it. Numerous appointments with family, colleagues, friends ... are the occasionsni ideal for showing your best outfits. These appointments can become a dress rehearsal for the end of the year,then the look you will wear will serve as a test to decide what to wear or not.

Come vestirsi per Natale e le feste: Outfit  natalizio 2020


Outfit for Christmas 2020

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Come vestirsi per Natale e le feste: Outfit  natalizio 2020


As always when it comes to choose the look for Christmas, it is better to opt for somethingmore convenient for lunch with relatives ismore sexy for the evening. Getting to the table where there are uncles and grandparents, wearing a sequin sheath dress is not indicated. We remember in fact the rules of etiquette, even if we are with the family and for this reason perhaps no one will judge us, but it is appropriate to know how to respect the "situations", choosing elegant and non-provocative look. Therefore, i romantic dresses or bon ton and not too low-cut or snug, for shoes we choose some boots with a little heel, also perfect for burning off a few calories with a nice one walk after lunch. If you want to focus on the "sympathy look", wear a Christmas themed sweater, or with classic Nordic motifs. For example, a fun solution could be the black sweater with #elfie written  combined with a pleated faux leather skirt, orfaux leather pencil skirt you will be comfortable and chic! If you don't like the sweaters with lettering or too childish designs, you can combine them with a green lurex sweater, it will be simple but super bright. Not just skirts, this year i faux leather leggings  are the protagonists of Winter: choose a red, green or bronze played down by a masculine shirt or a hyper-feminine shirt.

We must wear the right clothes during the Christmas holidays. The look for Christmas and New Year, but also for the lunch on December 26th, dwe have to be careful not to overdo it in certain cases, but also not to be subdued. To understand how to dress well for Christmas it is necessarystart thinking about the type of opportunity that lies ahead: lunch at home with family, friends or in a restaurant, perhaps in a chic place.Every occasion has its right look that can be more or less casual according to our tastes.

Parties and office parties


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Come vestirsi per Natale e le feste: Outfit  natalizio 2020


At Christmas it often happens to beinvited to office parties among colleagues for a toast or an aperitif. In this case, most of the time, it is really difficult to go back home to change and it is therefore necessary to leave already prepared. The advice is to wear aelegant dress but not too much,black or gray to avoid mistakes, and play with accessories and a red sweater that gives the look that extra touch.The secret is to change your shoes, those we can easily carry in the bag, a little heel and a red lipstick are enough to give new life to our style.

Dressing in red for Christmas:

Dressing in red is one of the most effective and often appropriate solutions, for those who want to fully enter the party.Forget the Santa Claus effect, there are tons of super sexy dresses just waiting to be bought and worn. Long or short, low-cut or bonton, there is something for all tastes, you just need itfind the most suitable for your body. If you are not used to wearing particularly flashy colors,choose a softer shade of red or turn to burgundy.

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