Tips for getting the perfect tan

Article published at: May 8, 2019 Article author: tyna Italy
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Take advantage of the last few days of your vacation and return to the office with an enviable tan.

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It is recommended not to sunbathe for more than an hour a day to get a good tan.

You have finally decided to take a vacation and take advantage of the beautiful sunny days and enjoy a few days at the beach. And of course you'll want to go back to the office with a spectacular tan.

To achieve this, it is not enough to lie in the sun for hours waiting for your skin to have a golden color, because contrary to what you had in mind, your skin will be damaged and burned like a red pepper that will eventually crack in the following days, making you look anything but charming.

To avoid this, we give you eight tips to get the perfect tan:

1. Prepare the skin at least one week in advance

Tanning occurs when cells produce melanin when exposed to sunlight, thereforeprepare them at least one week earlier It is ideal. Add to your diet melon, carrots isspinach which will help your skin to get a coffee tone thanks to the carotenes they contain.

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2.Use good quality sunscreen

Sun protection is a product that you should use even when you are in town and also in front of your computer, because i UV rays always have an effect on the skin. To make your tan better and last longer, apply a layer of sunscreen so your skin doesn't burn.

3. Choose the perfect sunscreen

Skins react differentlyexposure to the sun. While the more clear they tend to turn red more easily brunettes and thered are the ones that usually turn golden. However, that doesn't mean that sunscreen has a sun protection factor of less than 50.

For sunscreen, you'll want to pick the ones they havenatural coconut, carrot and even olive oils.

4. Measure time

A good tan doesn't mean spending hours in the sun, but knowing how to control exposure time. The recommended time for sunbathing is between30 minutes and up to one hour per day to give the body the opportunity to produce the right amount of melanin.

Another important point is to know the right time to sunbathe, because even if you prefer to stay at noon on the beach in the sun, it is not the best time. Doctors recommend avoiding sun exposure between 10am and 4pm, when the rays are most damaging to the skin.

5. Stay in motion

In addition to counting the minutesunder the sun, you need to be aware of the exposed parts to avoid an uneven tan. Change sideways every 15 minutes so that your whole body is tanned.How do you think roast chicken have that perfect golden color?

To avoid the signs of swimwear, choose one that is strapless or without many stripes on the back. You can also choose to sunbathe without the top, although remember that if you are in a public place this could cause problems.

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6. Make your skin rest

After being in the sun for some time, the skin cells continue toproduce melanin even when they no longer receive the rays. So, once the daily tanning time is over, it is best to find a place in the shade and apply more sunscreen, which not only helps not to burn the skin, but torefresh it.

If you don't let your skin rest, the only thing it will cause is that it burns and turns red the next day.

7. Hydrate yourself

Not only should you drink a lot of water in the sun, but you should also keep your skin moisturized with lotions or creams to prevent it from drying out.

8. Maintain a tan

It is probably the most difficult step to follow, because once the skin has acquired the desired tone, it is necessarykeep it, which means making regular sun exposures.

If you don't want to miss it but don't have time to go to the beach, you can opt fortanning beds. The latter option can be a bit expensive and have consequences for the skin, so if you decide to avoid them, you can opt forself-tanning creams which, in addition to being cheaper, are quick and easy to apply.

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