What are strong compression, shaping and support leggings?

Cosa sono i leggings di compressione forte, modellanti e contenitivi?
We hear more and more about"Strong compression leggings, shaping, containing and slimming". You know exactly what they are We explain all its secrets to you..

What are strong compression, shaping and containing leggings?

Unlike conventional leggings, thestrong compression leggings they have several compression points throughout the head. Compression means that the garment fits more tightly to the body,shaping, containing, streamlining, and holding in place, a certain area, throughout the day.


Now that you know what makes a tight compression leggings different from a conventional one, we want to explain all the advantages of the compression points in a leggings. They are varied and pleasantly interesting.

1- Helps the muscle and avoids injuries:By putting pressure on the muscle during sports, it will warm up earlier, helping it to reach the optimum temperature needed for a more satisfying workout. This, in addition to slightly reducing the effort in the first phase of training, also decreases the likelihood of injury. As the muscle warms up earlier, avoiding possible overexertion before the muscle is ready to give it all.

2- Reduces contours and shapes the silhouette: Strong shaping leggings with compressive fabric all over the garment, they will adapt to your body like a second skin,reducing inches especially at the waist, hips and thighs and improving your figure.a.

3- Everything in its place:With a High quality strong compression shaping leggings, forget about the waist coming down or constantly adjusting and repositioning them while wearing it.A good Legging assures you offinish the day in the same position it started.

Defects of the shaping compression leggings of strong compression

The only clash we can see is that if you don't choose your size well, you can get the opposite effect.

 A size smaller than what you need, compresses your figure too much, giving rise to unwanted marks or "rolls".

While with a smaller size than desired, you will lose the compressor effect.
That's why in our shop we always emphasize the importance of finding your perfect size. You can see all the indications in our measurement tables under the descriptions of each product.


The price of Leggings with these characteristics is higher than that of a normal legging.
As in addition to requiring a Premium fabric that meets all the requirements during compression, you also need a perfect model that fits your body. The end result is a comfortable and technical garment with which you will look perfect for sport, for your free days or for work.




Continuous compression leggings. From the waist to the ankles, this legging style is designed to feel compression and nothing moves out of place. In addition to shaping the figure and promoting the musculature in sport.

Compression, shaping, sporty leggings

 Leggings with excellent compression at the waist, hips and thighs.
Designed forreduce the inches at the waist and hips. Perfect for trying on leggings for the first timestrong compression shaping.


High waist belly shaping sports leggings

Excellent compression leggings with facilities.
This legging is designed and manufactured with different compression points depending on the areas.
The waist and hips are the parts with the most compression. Followed bythighs and calves. This model of leggings, due to its fibers and composition, adapts to the body like a second skin. No rubbing or friction.


Shaping compression leggings with push-up effect

If you need more information or have any questions about it, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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