Dove trovare l'intimo contenitivo in Basilicata -

Where to find the containment underwear in Basilicata

You are looking for the right containment underwear for you?

Whether you are looking for onecontainment belly ora modeling bodyof excellent quality you are in the right place. is the first online store of containing and shaping underwearfor Basilicata, withfree deliveries and shipments throughout Italy. 

Our collection includes:

  • Plus size shaping and containment underwear
  • Brides containment and shaping lingerie
  • Slimming and reducing underwear

Our special line of slimming underwear is madeseamless, invisible under clothing with ultra-modern and exclusive materials. Suitable to solve the needs of all women:

  • Eliminate the belly rolls
  • Shape and lift the buttocks
  • Toning and firming the thighs
  • Slender hips and waist
  • Flatten the belly

The success of our collection is due to the excellentvalue for money and advancetextile technology, in the right mix offlexibility and resistancepresent in the amazing fabric that shapes each of the garments, so that they can perform their modeling action without creating a feeling of oppression or discomfort.

You will finally be able to wear the clothes you have always wanted, without limitations, you can feel beautiful, fashionable by reducing the sight of even small defects, which sometimes seem so big.

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