Ecco cosa indossare per una cerimonia, per essere stupenda.

Here's what to wear for a ceremony, to be gorgeous.

Know the basic rules of how to dress for a ceremony Here are some basic tips..

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Today we talk about how to dress for a ceremony, the basic rules that every woman should follow to feel comfortable during the event. Sometimes a bad dress choice can ruin the party and make you feel inadequate.

Ecco cosa indossare per una cerimonia, per essere stupenda.

When you get a wedding invitation, your first concern is: what I'm wearing Yes, that's right; Although it sounds self-centered, weddings are social events in which you want to live and show your good taste and what better way to do it than to dress with class, hide blemishes and get noticed by everyone..

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Ecco cosa indossare per una cerimonia, per essere stupenda.

As a guest, it is important to consider certain aspects of the ceremony before choosing the dress. Remember to wear the right dress for the place, time and time of year.

You must respect any suggestions made in the invitation. It doesn't matter if it indicates formal, casual or strict etiquette, you need to follow these guidelines on how to dress for a wedding.

If the invitation doesn't specify how to dress, study it carefully. The invitation is a base, from it you can conclude what kind of party it will be, how you should dress, where it will take place and more. Only the invitation image itself can give you an idea of what the event will be like.

You have to adapt your wardrobe to the place of the event, you can not go with a pronounced neckline to a religious wedding.

Ecco cosa indossare per una cerimonia, per essere stupenda.


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Ecco cosa indossare per una cerimonia, per essere stupenda.

Imagine the event is on a farm, where the reception will take place on a dirt road. I definitely advise you not to wear stiletto heels or a sequin dress. For a beach wedding, choose a simple midi dress - so you don't go for the sand. If it takes place in a restaurant, a skirt and a coat or a pair of pants with a nice top and you will look divine as well as elegant.


Your clothes should be tailored to the time and place, but you shouldn't leave out the seasons of the year. Remember that there are times when it will be rain, cold or very hot and, depending on the season, you should try to adapt the dress to the weather. For example, a morning ceremony in spring is perfect for a short dress in light or pastel colors. Pair it with heels and a nice hairstyle. For a winter wedding in the evening, you can combine a nice pair of trousers with a light sweater with a touch of brightness. Remember that winter weddings are usually in one room, don't wear something so warm that you will die of heat later on.


Let's take weddings as an example.

They are rules that apply to almost all types of marriages, they are simple and basic. If you follow them there will be no problems with the choice of dress.

1- Whatever happens: Never wear white or similar color, such as: champagne, beige, ivory, nude or any other light color. It is seen as a lack of consideration for the bride. However, if the invitation states that you must wear white, the rule is canceled.

2- It is important to remember that it is the special day of the bride, that any attempt to attract attention can seem ugly and you can not only disturb the bride, but feel out of place.

3- Do not show more than necessary. There are women who use weddings as if it were a catwalk, when the dress code indicates that it is essential to avoid plunging necklines on the back and breasts or mini dresses. You can be attractive in a discreet dress. Don't forget, the less visible skin the better.

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Ecco cosa indossare per una cerimonia, per essere stupenda.


4- The same goes for too tight dresses, those dresses that make you look too sexy. keep them for another time.

5- When the invitation says cocktail party it doesn't mean mini dresses. The ideal length for a dress is three to four fingers above the knee at most

Each ceremony has very particular rules. It's not about being manic, it's about being respectful and understanding that that day you need to be elegant and show good taste.

Reception room or outdoors

If the ceremony is in a banquet hall you can use heels without problems and long dresses. If it's outdoors, forget the stilettos, elaborate hairstyles and long dresses. Remember that you will be exposed to wind, sun, rain and walking on wet earth.

Ecco cosa indossare per una cerimonia, per essere stupenda.

At night or during the day

Here practically applies the same rules as before. At night long dresses, slightly more flashy accessories and sandals with high heels are fine but without losing elegance. During the day it is advisable to opt for dresses below the knee, fresh and less use of makeup and accessories. Of course, there are some beautiful bohemian dresses perfect for everyday ceremonies. Don't stop considering them.

Formal and Casual Ceremonies

If the invitation says formal. Don't dress like you go clubbing. A casual dress code doesn't mean you can leave your jeans behind. A set of tulle skirts and a top, palazzo or jumpsuit are acceptable variations. If you are unsure, contact whoever invited you and ask them what the dress code is.

11 rules when it comes to a wedding:

  1. Never white.
  2. Do not go black, it is associated with funerals and a marriage is a cause for happiness not in mourning.
  3. Socially acceptable neckline. No madness. You are not Beyonce.
  4. No mini dress, the appropriate length is 3 to 4 fingers above the knee maximum.
  5. Remember the place where the wedding will take place and the time.
  6. Follow the directions in the invitation.
  7. Don't cloud the bride, it's her time to shine.
  8. Avoid very flashy accessories.
  9. If it's outdoors, don't use elaborate heels and hairstyles.
  10. Makeup matters too, be natural; more is less in this situation.
  11. Your hairstyle is essential. I would almost tell you it can make or break your look.


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