The best comfortable and stylish men's underwear 2021 - 2022: breathable, comfortable and stylish men's underwear

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Discover the most exclusive men's containment underwear in Italy

Finding the right pair of men's underpants can be a difficult task for many men.
You don't want something too tight, material that isn't breathable, or one that typically gets in the way of your daily life. Plus, good men's underwear will support your package to allow for a great presentation.
In this guide, we'll go over the best men's underwear of 2021-2022 , as well as share some key tips with you to keep in mind when making your decision.

Let's begin:

Comparison of the best men's underwear

Based on our research, we have found the following men's underwear to be among the best based on the following categories:

  • Cut / Style : While unique to every man, the right underwear for men should complement the natural movement of your body.
  • Material : Not only will this ensure your underwear is breathable, but the right blend of materials will also keep things in place downstairs.
  • Ideal for : Whether you're looking for a pair to work out with, or one to keep you warm during the winter, we press the following underwear for certain purposes.
  • Price : We're not made of money, here's a look at how much you should spend on a new pair of underwear.
  • Evaluation : Based on a number of qualitative and quantitative factors, we evaluate the best and most popular men's underwear models.

The best men's underwear of 2021 - 2022 reviewed by our customers

  • High-tech men's short boxer with push-up of the buttocks

Main aspects:

  • Breathable fabric
  • Lightweight, comfortable and very soft to the touch material.
  • Ultra soft and flat elastic at the waist. Invisible seams: imperceptible under clothing

Ideal for...

Any man who wants both the softness and support of a premium brand.


This high-tech short boxer for men with push up of the buttocks features cuts with thermofused technology that cover the buttocks and, being strategically positioned, obtain a lifting effect and a more rounded shape. It also has an ergonomic design on the front that fits your body and gives you total comfort and safety. Its front mesh facilitates the passage of air so that you always feel fresh. It is made of a material that is very soft to the touch and lightweight. Its flat seams make it an invisible garment and it does not mark on clothes; Plus, the elastic waistband is ultra comfortable. It is perfect for everyday use or for special occasions. It's not just a boxer, it's technology applied to your underwear! *

What do you need to know.

While the price may be a little high for some, once you slip on these boxers, you'll love the comfort and want to quickly replace all the underwear in your drawer. It doesn't get any better than that.

  • Men's anti-chafing boxer with internal ergonomic design for total comfort and support

Main aspects:

  • Breathable fabric
  • Lightweight, comfortable and very soft to the touch material.
  • Ultra soft and flat elastic at the waist. Invisible seams: imperceptible under clothing
  • Seamless, no-cut front design for a cleaner look

Ideal for...

Moisture control and 4-way fabric make it the best men's underwear to prevent chafing.


This men's anti-chafing boxer with internal ergonomic design for total comfort and support has an ergonomic design on the inside that gives fit and support to the genital area. Its design is innovative as it is free from cuts and seams and gives it a cleaner look. Its material is very soft to the touch, ideal for everyday use. It has a soft elastic waistband that fits your body perfectly and will make you feel very comfortable day to day. The contrast of color and materials, in jasper and plain fabric, give it a touch of design different from that of your other boxers. It will become one of your favorites.

What do you need to know.

If rubbing is a constant issue for you, you should try these boxers. They are focused on humidity control that will keep the kids downstairs happy.

  • Men's boxer push up buttocks with removable pads

Main aspects:

  • Breathable mesh on the sides and inside of the legs for total freshness
  • Perfect fit, comfort and ergonomics in the front area.
  • Wide and comfortable elastic waistband.
  • Soft touch material and seamless interior pockets so they don't feel or mark your skin.

Ideal for...

Guys looking for a perfect butt push up and an ultra soft and flexible fabric in their boxers.


This men's boxing push up with removable pads increases the size of the buttocks naturally. It is a very comfortable garment since its ergonomic design offers greater support, fit and comfort in the front area. Its breathable nets on the crotch, crotch and hips , facilitate the passage of air to give you a greater feeling of freshness and lightness. Its material is very soft to the touch and the internal pockets are seamless thanks to its technological process so as not to feel or mark them on the skin. It is ideal for everyday use or for special occasions where you want to look different.

What do you need to know.

These super soft push up men's boxers are a game changer. Bridging the gap between luxury and everyday use, they will feel great once you put them on.

  • Men's boxer briefs with advanced technology

Main aspects:

  • Soft and fresh touch
  • Fully DuraFit® front pence for natural lift
  • Soft wide metallic elastic at the waist
  • Quick drying

Ideal for...

Men who have larger legs or who are looking for a little more space if they are well endowed.


Men's B briefs made of DuraFit® that offers you maximum comfort, breathability, softness, perfect fit and much superior durability to use it on any occasion. With this boxer you will have better breathability and a 100% perfect fit. Made with high quality materials for your comfort.

What do you need to know.

If you are looking for a streamlined look and a pair of men's briefs that stay firmly around your waist without being uncomfortable, then these briefs are a solid choice. While having a luxury price, once worn, you'll never want to go back to the basic brands.

  • Sporty breathable men's boxer with ergonomic design

Main aspects:

  • Made of microfiber: soft, light and comfortable material
  • Decrease the friction between the legs.
  • Soft and wide elastic that does not roll
  • Soft wide metallic elastic at the waist
  • Quick drying

Ideal for...

If you hate feeling sweaty in your private parts, this boxer will make sure they stay nice and fresh. When you combine it with anti-odor fiber and lightweight fabric, then you have the best men's underwear for testicular support.


Breathable men's boxer with Durafit technology for a smart fit that gives you maximum comfort. Best of all is its ergonomic design for added support and safety. Being quick-drying it will keep you dry and cool all day. Also use it as a post-surgical treatment, for testicular pain or for sports.

What do you need to know.

These are undoubtedly the best sports underwear for men . It hits all the right marks when it comes to shape, stretch and materials. Expect to focus on your athletic performance rather than having to rearrange your underwear every few minutes like other brands.

10 tips on how to find the best men's underwear on

When you decide to buy a new pair of underwear, keep the following in mind:

1. Style

Men's underwear can be available in 5 kinds of styles; here's a quick look at each and how they differ from each other:

Briefs: it is the underwear par excellence that comes to mind to many men. Also referred to as underpants, briefs are short and keep things snug around the crotch area. Typically based on an elastic waistband and a Y-shaped flap, this style of underwear doesn't stack up, making it a comfortable choice for many men.

Short Boxer : Named after the shorts worn by boxers, these are a modestly cut pair of shorts that are a bit looser than the standard briefs. Proven to increase semen quality as it gives more breath for your manhood, the boxer is good for men who like to feel fresh and airy. Like the briefs, the boxer typically has an elastic waistband. However, boxers are usually paired with a button. While perfect for everyday use, boxers are also great for sleeping.

Boxer briefs: A modification of the short boxer, trendy boxers are made of a similar cut but have properties of spandex (elastane), making them like traditional briefs (hence the name boxer briefs). Typically cut a little shorter, boxers extend to the mid-upper thigh area. Although they are commonly worn by athletes as performance underwear as they prevent chafing, many men like to wear them every day.

High Waist Men Underpants : A new style of men's underwear will be high waist. Cut similar to a boxer; features a pronounced profile case that makes it much more comfortable for your manhood. This increases comfort over other styles in terms of movement and helps circulate air for better breathability.

Long Leg Boxer: Long underwear is a type of thermal underwear that helps keep the crotch and legs warm during the winter months. Useful for regulating body temperature, thermal underwear often contains breathable properties (typically based on Lycra) to help wick moisture away from the body if you start sweating. These can also be a perfect alternative to pajamas.

Discover the most exclusive men's containment underwear in Italy

Other Styles: In addition to the 5 popular styles above, some new underwear men can wear include bikinis, thong, thong, silk underwear, and silk boxer shorts.

2. Waistline

The height of the underwear along the waist. Men's underwear comes in three tier types:

  • Low waist: below the hips
  • Average waist: on the hips
  • High waist: to your natural waist (below the navel)

Which will work best for you? We recommend mid-rise or high waisted for plumper men to avoid the plumber's crack and pronounced love handles . However, for athletic or skinny men, you will want to consider low-rise men's underwear .

3. Body type

Men's bodies come in many different shapes and sizes. However, the same cannot be said for underwear. To find a pair that fits you best, here are some quick tips:

Men with large legs or thighs : Men's briefs and boxers have wide leg openings which allow for greater freedom of movement, especially for the man with large legs . This higher cut underwear won't pile up around your crotch when you walk.

Men with thin legs and thighs : Boxers are recommended underwear for men with thin or slender legs . The natural elasticity of this type of underwear will ensure that the fabric stays close to the skin to prevent it from puckering.

Men with average build : Most men's underwear is designed for men of this body type. You should be able to safely go with any underwear reviewed in this guide.

4. Men's underwear size

Getting the right size underwear is important, but it's a step many are quick to ignore. The right size can make a big difference in both comfort and performance. too tight underwear, you will have pronounced love handles , while too big will pile up or fall off. Before buying underwear, review the size chart. You will find that the size (XS, S, M, L, XL, etc.) varies from one type to another.

5. Men's underwear fabric

Fabric is important for both performance and breathability . Here is a list of the best fabrics for men's underwear and how they differ from each other:

Cotton : One of the most popular types of fabric for underwear, cotton is natural, breathable, comfortable, affordable, and, in some cases, eco-friendly (depending on where the fabric comes from). While not as durable as other fabrics available, the naturally breathable fabric provides odor control and also helps increase sperm quality. For environmentally conscious men, organic cotton underwear is available. While it doesn't feel significantly better or softer, organic cotton is purchased responsibly to reduce its environmental impact. Cotton comes in several grades which include the following: Supima cotton (best), Pima cotton (best), regular cotton

Synthetics and Blends : Synthetic or man-made fabrics are some of the most common materials found in men's sports and thermal underwear . There are several synthetic fibers including nylon, polyester, micromodal, rayon, lycra, and more. A common property of these fabrics is durability. Designed for strength, the synthetic fibers in underwear will be less susceptible to holes, especially in the crotch area between the legs. While many of these products provide a snug fit, they can absorb moisture to regulate body temperature. Of course, these fabrics are often not as breathable, so odor control can be a personal problem for some.

Other Fabrics: Silk and satin are designed for intimate or lounge wear as they focus on texture and provide little or no support (with the exception of perhaps ice silk boxers). Another underwear material we found in our research was bamboo. Bamboo, like cotton, is environmentally friendly, comfortable and dries quickly. However, bamboo is not as widespread as cotton, which leads to higher prices.

6. The elastic waist

When deciding on the elastic waist, there are two things you need to keep in mind, the width and the design of the waist.

Waist width : The waist of the underwear helps provide comfort by preventing it from penetrating the skin keeping things in place. However, a waist that is too loose and thin and you are susceptible to the fabric tipping over. On the other hand, too tight, underwear often pinches or becomes unsuitable after repeating the sitting and standing position. Therefore, it is better to get a moderate width waist.

Belt Logo / Design : Many designer underwear brands like to advertise on the belt. Some men don't care and others try to avoid it. Logos and designs on the belts are a personal choice. Our advice here is to make sure it's discreet whether you're wearing mid or high waisted underwear under a dress shirt.

Discover the most exclusive men's containment underwear in Italy

7. Color

Men's underwear is available in many different colors. But what color of underwear should you go with? While white remains the traditional color, our shaping men's containment collection will find men's briefs, men 's boxers , tummy t-shirt, men's containment girdle , men's containment tank top and more in various colors and models.

While color is rarely seen under pants or shorts, safe bets include black, gray and beige or dark brown. These darker colors are both modern and won't show blemishes. If you are wondering which underwear to wear under white pants, we recommend gray or beige as it will not show through the fabric.

8. Men's underwear price:

A good pair of men's underwear will sell for between $ 20 and $ 90 for a single piece. Of course, prices can be higher depending on the quality of the craftsmanship, the material used and the intent (for example, long thermal underwear costs more than briefs).

9. Features / Extras

No two underpants are alike. Additional levels of craftsmanship can distinguish a couple from the others. Here are some extra features we have in men's underwear collection:

  • Moisture Wicking / Quick Drying : Whether you live in a hot climate or are shopping for a pair of sports underwear, moisture wicking underwear will be a godsend. With the ability to wick moisture away from the skin, you'll reduce rubbing while also limiting the bacterial growth that causes the odor.
  • Men's Compression Underwear : Compression underwear helps promote blood flow to the pelvic region. This is useful for athletes to improve their athletic performance. Now, if you're not planning on running for long periods, compression underwear, such as the Men's Strong Compression Girdle , helps ensure a slim figure.
  • Temperature Adjustment : Very different from moisture-absorbing underwear, thermoregulatory underwear is often sewn differently to increase ventilation. Additionally, some of these undergarments also rely on cooler fabrics like bamboo, which helps promote this natural airflow. This can be an important feature for men who are aware of odor control or looking to increase manhood.
  • Inner Pocket : With extra fabric added to the front of the underwear, a contoured pouch is a welcome addition for well-endowed men. A contoured pouch offers instant relief and space for your manhood.
  • Flatlock seams : This unique sewing method creates a flat seam on underwear. If your skin is easily irritated or you just want comfortable underwear, this seam will be perfect.

Frequently asked questions about men's underwear

Here are some common questions we encountered during our research that we wanted to answer:

What is the best men's underwear?

The best underwear for you will be the one that meets your needs and budget. This means that if you are looking for a pair of men's briefs to wear every day, one that is comfortable and requires little adjustment will be the best choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for advice for a high activity situation, then high performance underwear with more flexibility and strength is better.

What kind of underwear should men wear?

Men should wear underwear that works for their body type. For example, if you have big legs or plan to run, briefs or shorts are a good choice. For everyday workwear, boxers and boxer briefs can be comfortable. Beyond a certain style, many men own a combination of underwear to suit their needs during the week.

What is the best fabric for men's underwear?

The best fabric for men's underwear depends on intent and preferences. Cotton is highly breathable and preferred by many men, while synthetic fibers offer breathable and anti-odor properties.

Why do men wear underwear under their swimsuits?

Some guys wear underwear under their swimsuits, especially if there isn't a net to hold their member. The reason is that some swimwear fabrics are thin and can leave little to the viewer's imagination when worn. So unless you're well endowed, chances are you'll want an internal mesh on your swimsuit to keep things private.

What is the most comfortable men's underwear?

The most comfortable underwear depends on your preferences. Some men like the feel of airy cotton boxers, while others may prefer the snug support of a stretchy modal fabric. We recommend that you choose a pair of underwear that feels good on your merchandise.

Why do men wear underwear?

Men wear underwear for health and support reasons. Whether you run or sit down, underwear protects your pants from any leaks or stains.

Would men be sleeping in their underwear?

It entirely depends on your personal preferences. Some men like to sleep in their underwear because it allows them to get some air after a long day at work. Everyone's process is different; go with what feels most comfortable to you.

Is it okay for a man to go without underwear?

Yes, it's okay for men to go commando (without underwear). However, be sure to wash your clothes regularly for health reasons.