Containing shaping sheath guide: How to choose the best

Containing shapes: a different sheath for each type of garment
One of one of one of one of one Understanding clothing modeling containments that come out more every day from our store are the Modeling containitive sheaths
Containing shaping sheath guide: How to choose the best
Above all, we note a lot of request for the Strong compression sheathWhen approaching the Nice weather and obviously! at the time of Weddings and communions. And do you know why? Why Wear a superfected or tight dress It shouldn't be just one thing for magazine models and girls. Women like us, real women they love to be Sexy, daring, modern and with beautiful clothes, these wonderful underwear were created for us,Sheaths of our heart!
Containing shaping sheath guide: How to choose the best
For this reason, given that the demand continues and grows (because summer clothes and events do not forgive our handles of love ...), we considered it appropriate to show you what types of Strong compression sheaths are the best sellers and above all under which Type of garment A sheath or another are perfect.
Containing shaping sheath guide: How to choose the best

Reducing containing sheath or strong compression sheath?

This is the main difference between containing modeling sheaths.

If you're just trying to Model your figure, choose oneShaping sheath. This kind ofSheath smoothes the most critical area. Will stick the Handles of love and irregular areas, like thighs, belly, orange peel, etc.

If you are looking for Something stronger, if you are trying to tell you some cuts starting from the bust, then your ideal sheath is one Fort Compression Guana. With strong compression sheaths, you will not only book the area of ​​love handles, but its Extra resistant fabrics will help Visually reduce the area of ​​the abdomen, belly and life and the leg area.

Now, depending on the type of boss you will wear, you will have to choose between one cut or the other ...

Containable sheath Compression strong high waist. Find out here

With this type of sheath you will not only lev you and reduce the area of ​​the abdomen, (which is what many women always seek), but it will also help you I would reduce hips and thighs, smoothing the skin Orange!

It is ideal for very tight clothes.

This kind ofSheath is able to reduce up to two sizes. Also, help you get a Push up effect on the bottom and also a Smooth the belly area. What can you ask for a sheath?Perfect!


Reduces your belly

Slims the handles of love

Help not generate friction between the thighs

Smooth orange peel (cellulite)


They cannot be used with very short clothes

Culottes type modeling sheath. Find out here

Containing shaping sheath guide: How to choose the best
High-waisted sheaths, usually just under the chest, and lower cut as if they were panties.
This type of sheath concentrates its function on the Zbelly ona. Some, thanks to their Extra strong fabric, I'm able to Reduce the belly and life area up to 2 sizes.
With these sheaths You can show off a spectacular body, with super tight dresses and Making you the queen of the party!
I'm Ideal for very tight dresses Where much of the attention is concentrated on the abdomen and the area of ​​the waistline.
Reduces your belly
Get a Vespa vitino, with more perfect curves
Depending on the degree of reduction / compression, for some women it can be annoying, although it is not common

Media Life Containing Sheath. Find out here

Containing shaping sheath guide: How to choose the best
Many women contact us by asking Discounted containitive sheaths. Today the clothes without straps They are very fashionable and how it could be otherwise, we always look for the perfect intimate garment for any dress we wear.
But there's a problem (solution). If you want to wear a Dress with a very deep necklineYou can't look for a modeling extra sheath. You must keep in mind that so that a fault can reach its perfect function, it must have a support from the front to the rear one.
If your idea is to wear a tight dress, with a very deep neckline, choose this type of sheath. Will not make miracles, but they will help you model your figure;)
They contain the belly
They shape your figure
Stylize life
I'm not modeling only containing

Modeling containing sheath. Find out here

Containing shaping sheath guide: How to choose the best
ThereModel containing sheathIt is usually strong and modeling compression. To many women like to feel supported from beginning to fin(You can wear it with or strapless), you will model your whole body, from just under the chest to just over your knees.
They are made with resistant fabric that helps to completely stylize the figure. HideThe handles of love.
Flatter the panisy
Slows the sides
Models life and stylize
Smooth the thighs area
You can't use it with very short clothes

Body type containing sheath. Find out here

Containing shaping sheath guide: How to choose the best
ThereBody type sheathIt is used more and more. One of his great peculiarities is that he never rolls thanks to the belts. The straps are generally adjustable in height and, above all, help you get a push up effect on your chest.
It is usually widely used, especially in autumn and winter, it is in this period that the most demand is noted. When you wear your shoulder straps, you can see more with the summer clothes, but with the winter ones, no! And this is an advantage for women who want to wear a sheath without worrying if it moves or not.
You can find this type of sheath with two different cuts, short cutting (standard cut of any panties) or pants cutting.
Shoulder straps that help prevent it from moving it
Push up effect on the chest
Reduces your belly
Those shorts type reduce the hips and avoid the friction between the legs
More difficult to use with strapless clothes, due to their straps
Containing shaping sheath guide: How to choose the best

With deep neckline. Find out here

Containing shaping sheath guide: How to choose the best
The Strapless shaping clothing They are now super trendy. We are falling in love Containing body type sheath with neckline, available in our bride collection, because, in addition to being a containitive area in the belly area, it also has a built-in bra :)
An intimate garment three in one.
Containing: Helps model the belly area and smooth up the small imperfections of the area.
Drain: it's a Strapless coil type body sheath Ideal for backwear, wedding dresses, for events ... what you want!
Built-in bra: It has a built-in bra. The bra has a thin layer of padding, ideal for shaping the breast and give it a more natural and beautiful shape. And also in this way we will keep the chest with any dress, no matter how mining it can be!
We hope you adored the post we created for you, to help you find the perfect sheath :), remember that you can see them all by clicking on the images
Containing shaping sheath guide: How to choose the best
And you know, if you need help you just have to write to us. We will be happy to advise you!
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