Guide to strong size shaping underwear

1 Positive rules for the body when choosing'plus size underwear

Guida per l'intimo contenitivo modellante taglie forti


'Discover the most exclusive modeling underwear here'

Guida all'intimo contenitivo modellante taglie forti


How to choose the right size underwear The first thing you need to know: buy the containment underwear in your size or, if you are not completely sure, one size up.
Some women think that if they take amodeling underwear smaller, will provide greater compression and make them leaner. No! In fact, too small in size shaping underwear will only create bulges and rolls where you don't want them, plus it will be extremely uncomfortable.
Also: the sizesmodeling and containment they are not always related to lingerie sizes. Don't assume, just because you usually buy a certain size ofplus size underwear, that you are the same size in a shaping underwear.
If you are unsure of your size, you can consult our size charts and our help center to learn more about how to choose the right size of shaping underwear based on your


2 Know your body shape and focus on what you want to show off..

Guida per l'intimo contenitivo modellante taglie forti

What is your natural silhouette What parts of your body do you think are your weaknesses A good quality underwear takes what you already have and gives it a boost.a.
The models ofplus sizes wear modeling underwear? Regardless of size, knowing your body type will help you see the beauty you were born with rather than trying to be someone else.).
It will also help you choose the best optionsplus size modeling leotards :: thebody modeling it will highlight different parts of your body while diverting attention from less flattering points.
For example, if you want to accentuate yoursside B for that new pencil skirt, oursPlus size shaping shorts without seamsthey would be perfect for you. But if you're looking to flatten your tummy, we recommend oursstrong containment shorts plus sizes with high waist all day long.

3 Choose your level of supporto

No, we're not talking about moral support - even if we're here for that too! ; -)

Guida per l'intimo contenitivo modellante taglie forti


Once you've figured out the correct size and which areas you want to accent, it's time to decide how much compression you want.
Curvy women can choose between three different types of compression:
Light compression: you want to flatten theswollen belly  and wearing clothes more comfortably worn with everyday clothes eliminates problem spots so you can show off your look all day..
Average Compression: you are looking to accentuate your curves Plus size modeling underwear firmly controlled is made with stretch fabrics that move with your body adding subtle contours to your shape. You should get hours of comfort from solid pieces of control.
Strong compression: often used to provide more modeling to your shape. Firm and extra-compact controls are perfect for formal and structured dresses likewedding dresses,prom dresses, evening dresses and cocktail dresses. You should feel toned and wrapped without feeling constricted.

4 Match the righto plus size slimming underwearon occasion


Guida per l'intimo contenitivo modellante taglie forti


'Discover the most exclusive modeling underwear here'

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The amount of compression and support you need will depend on the occasion and clothing and what makes you most comfortable.a.
Clothing to wear every day: to be sure, some occasions like Netflix binges don't require shaping underwear at all. BUT if you love going out with a certain pair of jeans but hate the i belly rolls that appears when you wear them, the best thing to do is a light or medium modeling underwear.
Workwear: if you work in an office with a dress code, trymedium support underwear which will help to have a clean and tailored look. This way you feel comfortable and feel toned, confident and stronger.
Evening dresses: Yes, full length woman, you CAN wear a bodycon dress for a night on the town! A nice medium support leotard it will help you show your shape as you level dimples or rolls.

Formal dresses: go to a wedding or other special occasions that call for glamor You will appreciate the firming power that comes fromlstrong compression underwear. Wedding Congratulations! Here's everything you need to know about'containment underwear for plus size brides.

6 Keep these 4 essential pieces in your wardrobea


Body containment

Guida all''intimo contenitivo modellante taglie forti


'Discover the most exclusive modeling underwear here'

intimo contenitivo modellante taglie forti


The modeling body: offers support and shaping for the torso, back, butt and thighs. Some styles have a short cut, but most curvy women we know prefer ankle-length leotard or leotard with shorts to prevent chafing.
Our fantastic strong compression body shaper offers extra firm coverage without constriction.


Shaping containment shorts

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THEcontaining and shaping shorts they give you confidence, smooth and protect your thighs from chafing and irritation. When you choose the right size, they stay in place without marking the skin.


Modeling containment sheath

pantaloncini contenitivi e modellanti taglie forti

THEbelly rolls make it uncomfortable to wear your clothes?
The high waist shaping containment girdle has a double layer to offer complete belly control, leaving the look and feel of comfort. It also has a non-slip silicone strip at the waist, so they don't roll down.


High waist containment leggings

Guida all'intimo contenitivo modellante taglie forti

Give your curves a 360-degree hug with a pair ofplus size containment leggings to wear anywhere.
They are the best selling leggings, ihigh waist shaping leggings , have conquered thousands ofplus size women with a comfortable fabric that smoothes perfectly, controls stomach and legs without being transparent.
Celebrate your curves with high quality shaping underwear
Regardless of size, move around the world with XXL security. With smooth, comfortable, seamless coverage, you can wear any outfit, formal or informal.
There is no limit to your wardrobe when it comes to style. So show the best version of yourself! Trust, be proud!