Errori comuni di un matrimonio, da leggere ed evitare!

Common Mistakes of Marriage, to Read and Avoid!

Errori comuni di un matrimonio, da leggere ed evitare!

You thought that the most mistakes made by all spouses were few? Marriage is made up of many little things and since it's the details that make the difference, it's better to pay close attention to them too. Find belowa list of the 100 most common mistakes: read, take note and try to avoid them!Discover the bridal shaping underwear

Make up

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1. Don't use itwaterproof. Tears are given 1: 2; the probability is very high, so handkerchiefs and water-resistant make-up in case of emotion..

2. Don't be yourself.The worst thing that can happen to the bride is to feel different and unrecognizable; choose a make-up that does not distort your image.

3. Forget the wedding kit, with the 9 things that every bride should have with her on the big day.

4. Leave a kiss mark. Those who have chosen red lips be very careful not to print them on all the guests' faces.

5. Don't do a makeup test. You must try it at least once, a few days before the wedding, also to avoid mistake number 2..

6. Do not use fixative. Especially for those who get married in the summer, perhaps on the beach, the makeup fixing spray is essential..

7. Stained teeth. Lipstick or coffee, anything not white is forbidden on the bride's smile..

8. Not respecting the schedule.. A little delay is allowed to the bride, but not beyondl etiquette.

9. Forget the lashes. Even those who naturally have thick, cannot avoid mascara; in other cases, we suggest false eyelashes.

10. The wrong color for the base. It must be neither too light nor too dark, but in the exact tone of the bride's face.

Errori comuni di un matrimonio, da leggere ed evitare!


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