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We have tried manycontaining and shaping leggingsbut not everyone has support and flexibility

leggings contenitivi e modellanti is known for sellingseamless containment and shaping underwear which help women feel more confident and, above all, feel how they want in their clothes. But our mission is to provide soft, clean and confident lines to every outfit that goes beyond the basic shorts and jumpsuits you already know.

What they are made of

THEshaping containment eco-leather leggingsthey are made of 87 nylon and 13 elastane, while the belt is made of 80 polyester and 20 elastane. They are made to appear cracked with a sheen similar to the skin itself and come in different colors of black, olive, dark blue and wine.vino).

Like all of our products, iCompression and shaping eco-leather leggings they feature superior support that feels like a strong hug, plus the famous Built In shaped waist. Many women were a little hesitant when they bought these containment leggings for the first time because life seemed too small. But once they were worn they knew they were perfect. The waist is designed to fit perfectly and there are no center seams, so forget about the flab spills and private parts marked "Camel Hoof".

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The great thing about thesecontainment leggings is that they adapt to your body. Sizes range from XS to XL.

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Here is what we think of the containment and shaping eco-leather leggings

They contain just enough to make you feel elegant and supported. Many prefer to wear them in the fall-winter season as they are not quite breathable like regular leggings, but if your office is cold and you have a relatively casual dress code, you can wear these awesome leggings under a nice light sweater. They sure don't look like real leather, but they give you the same edgy vibe when they're paired well.

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 THE containment eco-leather leggings they were therefore a pleasant surprise: elegant, elastic and comfortable. They are great and polished, but best of all, you can actually move around in them. They offer support and do not tighten too much, they smooth everywhere. no annoying center seam.

leggings in ecopelle contenitivi


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leggings in ecopelle contenitivi


THEcontainment eco-leather leggings they hug every curve of your body in a flattering way. They accentuate everything you like about your hips and flatten the parts you don't like so much. Waist is the favorite part because it fits snugly and hugs gently.

The lower back

THEcontainment eco-leather leggingsnot never disappoint. They're a trendy alternative to classic leather pants, but they fit and feel exactly like leggings - plus they have real sculpting power. 98 to 115, thesei containment leggings they will make you feel comfortable and maybe even a little more confident:

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