Amy Schumer's trick to avoid leg rubbing:effective anti-rubbing

If you suffer from those painful leg rubs you are in luck, we offer you several solutions to fight them.

Il trucco di Amy Schumer per evitare lo sfregamento delle gambe: antisfregamento efficace

Amy Schumer, American actress and comedian With summer upon us, temperatures rise and good weather is synonymous with wearing out dresses and skirts that will make life and heat a little more bearable. However, many women suffer from a serious drawback that is repeated year after year: the unpleasante rubbing between the thighs.

Amy Schumer he knows very well how it feels and to solve it he has come up with a technique that can get you out of more than one problem. To tell the world about it, the actress posted a funny video on her Instagram account, minutes before going to the famous Met gala.

Schumer, who is also an actress, is a comedian, applies deodorant to the inside of her thighs to avoid that horrible rubbing. And, voila, problem solved.

This painful inconvenience happens to a large number of people, and they don't necessarily have extra pounds, but the constitution and genetics are the "culprit" of this.friction between the thighs. And that is why long walks or intense exercises become a real test.

To try to solve and combat these problems, we propose other solutions such as creams or garments that will help you cope better:

Anti-chafing high-waisted shorts


One of the options available on the market are i anti-chafing shorts. It is aboutshorts of excellent quality, containing and breathable which have a silicone strip that adheres to the skin without causing redness. There are different models, fabrics and colors.

Anti-chafe thigh shorts


If we wear a tight dress, these anti-rubbing thigh containment shorts they can be very effective. And is that in addition to protecting the thigh area from possible chafing, it shapes your figure so it will greatly favor your figure if the dress is tight.

Furthermore, the fabric is powerful and soft in contact with the skin and you can buy it by clicking on the product at a very special price.

Dermovitamina in gel

Il trucco di Amy Schumer per evitare lo sfregamento delle gambe: antisfregamento efficace

Active anti-itch gel that is sold in pharmacies and what it does is create a barrier that protects the skin to prevent and relieveskin rubbing. That is, it has the function of two in one, and those who have used it say it has saved them from more than one problem. However, the "but" of this product is that if we apply it in the morning to go out for a walk, it disappears after a few hours due to the movement of the thighs and sweat. So it is only recommended for sporadic moments.




Il trucco di Amy Schumer per evitare lo sfregamento delle gambe: antisfregamento efficace

Talc is probably the most used product for relieving the pain of irritation. When you apply it to the skin, it is undoubtedly the option that feels the best, however it is probably the least resistant.
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