The photos that make you discuss Emily Ratajkowski

Scandal for photos of 26-year-old model Emily Ratajkowski‬. She claims to have taken them exclusively for her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard: "I pose for my husband's pleasure".

Foto Nudo Emily Ratajkowski‬ con il marito

In the photo Emily Ratajkowski and her husband Sebastian Bear-McClardd

But the photos in question immediately end up on the net, published on the well-known social network Instagram, traveling around the world and causing enormous sensation.

It will perhaps be a tactic to gain followers?

Here is the "indicted" photo.

 Emily Ratajkowski senza veli: «Poso per la gioia di mio marito»

Emily Ratajkowski without veils: I pose to my husband's delighto»

For many women it is scandalous, but for today's world it is one of the most used methods by showgirls to increase visibility and make people talk about themselves and, consequently, become more famous.

This time Emily Ratajkowski made it!

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