Leggings to choose according to your physique

It is true that clothes are made to look good, but there are women who do not imagine they can wear a certain garment due to their physical shape.
Within the different whims of fashion, trends are delicate moments that inevitably captivate us. It doesn't matter if we talk about shoes or hair, there is always something that manages to adapt to our personality to start being part of an identity that defines who we are and how others see us. However, even if tendencies should be reaching us, there are those who, to belong to certain groups, adopt garments and styles that do not favor their body at all.

Leggings da scegliere in base al tuo corpo


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Leggings da scegliere in base al tuo fisico

On the other hand, to think that this or that trend is aimed at a very specific group of people is completely unfair. Although capricious, fashion did not come into our life to make us feel bad, but to give back, through clothing, a bit of that security that we have lost by not finding something to identify with; While there are those who think this is nothing more than a ridiculous dream, it is enough to rememberCoco Chanel who wear men's clothes to understand that, regardless of the judgments of others, we can always find a way to adapt any trend to our body.

You may have heard offensive comments about leggings on different body types; You have probably thought that there are people who simply shouldn't go near these garments. But it is right to deny them the pleasure and certainty of looking beautiful. Absolutely not; If the clothes you have chosen do not speak completely about you, you should not abandon the idea of wearing them, but find a way to represent yourself one hundred percent. So if you have decided to wear leggings, you just need to know your body so that this garment ultimately defines you.


* Wide hips

    Leggings da scegliere in base al tuo corpo

     Even though it is a fact that leggings are made for people like you, you should always take care that in your outfit there is a certain harmony between each of its elements. To hide a little bit of the extra dimensions that leggings will give your hips you can use them in dark tones to help reduce the size of this area. Do not combine wide shoes, as you will also break the harmony of your outfit.


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    * Thin legs

      Leggings da scegliere in base al tuo corpo

      If you want to make yoursmore toned and less lean legs, leave neutral textures and colors to make way for patterns and prints. Keep the colors light for your upper body and let yoursleggings draw attention to the legs. You can combine them with long boots with high heels or without to make the increase in volume more "dramatic".


        * Skinny and tall

        Leggings da scegliere in base al tuo corpo

        Whichever color or style you choose, you will look good on your figure, just make sure your leggings are long enough to reach the heel. To achieve some harmony with your height, use them with shoes or flats; because if you wear high heels they will stretch your legs more.


        Swollen belly

          Leggings da scegliere in base al tuo corpo

          To mask the swollen belly, you can usehigh-waisted compression leggings. Being supportive, this garment will not allow excess belly flab to escape, but it will function as a containment band that you will style without too much effort.


          * Legs with cellulite

            Leggings da scegliere in base al tuo corpo

            It may sound unbelievable, but if they have legscellulite problems, wearing the wrong leggings can make the cellulite problem stand out even more. It doesn't matter if they are simple or modeling; Many materials highlight the relaxation of the legs. However, glossy materials like leather or vinyl help you solve this problem. Avoid nude tones.


            * Inverted triangle body

              Leggings da scegliere in base al tuo corpo

              When your shoulders are wider than your hips, you can wear loose colored or patterned blouses and leggings to give your look balance and that doesn't seem too out of proportion.

              Your body type doesn't have to be an impediment to wearing the leggings you want; Everyone has to find a way to feel good, be authentic and without giving up to the pressures of a world that requires more and more looks and more homogeneous styles. So you lose the fear of ridicule that the only thing that will make you sad is that you didn't realize how good the leggings fit you.

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