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For the day of the fateful yes, nothing should be left to chance, especially the lingerie.

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Brides are keen to organize their wedding in the best possible way by choosing between hall, church, hairstyles, make-up the most important day, but there is another thing that is often underestimated, which is essential to take care of:The bridal underwear  

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After you have decided the dress of their soni, the time comes to dedicate oneself to the search for whatwill be worn underneath.

Choosing the right lingerie is very important to looking your best on the day you want everything to be perfect.

To complete a bride's look it is necessarychoose very carefully the lingerie to wear under the white dress.

Here is a number of tips, and a selection of lingerie for the bride, which will make it perfect on your wedding day.

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Whatever the dress you choose for your wedding it is essential to buy thesuitable lingerie. In addition to the dress that everyone will come, what is also very importanthides under that dress.

Buy underwear ofgood quality for your wedding and try it on under the dress you have chosen to check that the underwear does not leave marks on the hips. Make sure you choose garmentssimple but elegant and of excellent quality.

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On your wedding day it is possible to lose at least two sizes by using modeling garments that slim the body in the right places.

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