Fall Looks to Look Leaner 2020

Learn from those who know the most fashion and recreate the most flattering combinations and don't repeat their "fashion failures".).

Look Autunnali per sembrare più magra 2020

Forget summer dresses and flat sandals becauseautumn is around the corner. We will soon be changing our blouses and tops with trendy jackets and coats. If you already want to prepare yours autumn looks as much as we do, we have great news for you: we found it5 fall looks that will make you look slimmer is5 that will make you look fatter, to inspire you in the best street style outfits and thatyou avoid the fashion mistakes that even the most fashion savvy make. Learn with us!


The most important thing: always but ALWAYS choose thee trends that perfectly fit your body and don't buy a garment just because it is fashionable. And check out these style tips that are sure to be a hit.

  • Remember that ipants that stylize the most are those with a high waist because they visually lengthen the legs and enhance the waistline. The result You will look much taller and slimmer..
  • If you choose baggy pants, choose a tighter blouse or shirt and vice versa. If not, you can also put the shirt inside the pants.
  • The truth is, we love Americans and they are very fashionable this season. But remember that pairing a very long blazer with a ruffled midi skirt is not a good idea.If you want to mark the waist and curves, opt for a belt.
  • Things as they are:if you want to look slimmer, opt for ankle boots or high-heeled boots. They will add a few inches and your legs will look endless. Relax, the taco doesn't have to be very tall. If you want to be comfortable, opt for a block heel.
  • As for trendy colors, dark tones are the most slimming. If you wantlook thinner, with a total black look you will surely be successful.


*Striped print - visually lengthens the silhouette

Look Autunnali per sembrare più magra 2020

Of allfashion prints, the one with vertical stripes is the one he prefers the most because visually lengthens the silhouette.You will look thinner! Wear your striped shirts and blouses with high-waisted jeans and complete the look with heels. You will succeed for sure!


*Blazer yes but with attention

Look Autunnali per sembrare più magra 2020

Blazers are very fashionableand we are not surprised. They are comfortable, versatile and can be combined in a thousand ways. But be careful! If you combine a long blazer with a midi skirt or trousers that are too wide,you will visually add a few extra pounds. The solution Tight pants or skirt. And wearing the open jacket is always more elegant ande it will make you look slimmer. 


*Blazer with belt, the most slimming makeup

Look Autunnali per sembrare più magra 2020

This style makeup will flatter you (and it is also one of the fashion trends that you will be successful with this fall because it will help you to mark your curves and waist. Yes, we are talking about the perfect combination of clothing: jacket belt; a trend that is also overwhelming influencers.. 


*Midi skirts yes, but not with an "oversized" shirt

The midi skirts they are always a safe bet and, if you know how to choose the right model, they will favor you a lot. Obviously, if you choose a flared midi skirt, pair it with narrow or shorter shirts and blouses or slip them into pants to mark the waist or tie it at the hips for a more relaxed style.. 


*Here's how to wear the white shirt

Look Autunnali per sembrare più magra 2020

The white shirt is one of the essential items in every wardrobe. And if you think it's a boring garment, you're wrong and if you don't believe it, check out this "super look". If you bought a longer white shirt and want to get a comfortable look, wear it with jeans and add a belt to mark the waist. It's that easy!! 


*The importance of proportions

Look Autunnali per sembrare più magra 2020

To match oversized outerwear, likecapes, jackets, blazers or coats, choose tighter pants. If you want an oversized look and be successful, balance the proportions.


*Black is the color that most stylizes

Look Autunnali per sembrare più magra 2020

If you want to look slimmer, go for black. Dressing from head to toe in the darkest color is the simplest style makeup to stylize your figure. Get inspired by this outfit and opt for a look in pure rocker style. You have the courage?


*Watch out for loose clothing

Look Autunnali per sembrare più magra 2020

If you opt for a loose dress and combine it with a loose coat, you will get a comfortable look but you won't look thin anymore. The solution Bet on a belt to mark the waist. 

*Trench with belt Of course!!

Look Autunnali per sembrare più magra 2020

The trench coats are a safe bet for the interval. If you need a new one, choose a long model with a belt. Pair it with basic dresses and complete the look with ankle boots or heeled boots.

*Sneakers are comfortable but do not slim

Look Autunnali per sembrare più magra 2020

The truth is, we love sneakers because they are comfortable, versatile and go great with everything but they are not stylish. If you are going to wear baggy pants like the one pictured, finish the look with heels. If you want to be comfortable, choose a block heel with a platform.