Best underwear after childbirth: containing underwear and modeled after childbirth

Once the baby arrives, you may be looking forward to returning to sushi, wine and even your own pre-pregnancy leggings favorites, but don't expect to cradle your normal underwear Again. If you're rolling your eyes at the thought of having to order yet another child-related article, let us support the case of giving you a few pairs of panties postpartum.

Why Will you need postpartum underwear

You will lose a decent amount of blood after giving birth, and you certainly do not want your favorite lingerie to get stained. Postpartum bleeding, called lochia, can last up to six weeks, although it is typically only heavy from about a week to 10 days.

Immediately after childbirth, you will probably wear the disposable underwear that are given to you in the hospital (it is a centuries-old tradition to put some in the bag before being discharged). But even once you're back to yourunderwear, you may find that the maxi pads after childbirth they do not always fit into regular styles and the panties after childbirth they are cut more generously and have openings for leg wider.

You will also not feel physically good about yourself. If you have had a caesarean section, you will not be able to wear bikini briefs (or anything that hits bottom) for several weeks, as most women have a surgical incision right above the pubic hairline. And even if you give birth vaginally, you'll probably want tounderpants larger, as it will take time for your body to return to size and shape pre-pregnancy.

What is the best underwear after childbirth?

Along with the typical styles in fabrics such as cotton and nylon, there are some different types of underwear post partum to consider.
Disposable briefs
Menstrual pantiestablets , which are thicker and designed to absorb menstrual blood (during the period postpartum initial, women usually match them with tampons)
Lightweight compression underwear
Along with different types, there are also different silhouettes of underwear after childbirth. These include:
- High waist briefs (a great option if you've had a caesarean section)
- Criss-cross briefs(which also works well as maternity underwear)
- High waist underwear pants
- Bike shorts

What to consider when buying postpartum underwear

Cut. You could order a size larger than you would normally do to accommodate your body after giving birth and have room for tampons (no one should have to deal with underwear that is too tight when caring for a newborn).

Fabric. Hormonal changes that occur after birth will cause severe sweating throughout the body (yes, even down there). Look for breathable materials such as cotton or microfiber. Some panties they are also made with a high-quality material. lightweight compression that will give you a more sucked feeling (but not as much as the strong shaping), which women tend to love or hate.

Bells and whistles. Some styles of postpartum underwear boast extras like a silicone panel to help soothe cesarean scars or a pocket to hold an ice pack.

Here, the best postpartum underwear to wear after the arrival of the baby.

Best postpartum underwear overall

High waist postpartum underwear

high waist post partum underwear

Why we like it

Probably the post partum containing underwear sexiest on this list, these adorable high waist underpants they combine style and functionality. Although the brand recommends them specifically for caesarean, even moms who have vaginal delivery they'll love these soft panties it's comfortable. The large design offers plenty of room for large pads and if you find yourself putting on a couple more when your baby is 3, 6 or even 12 months old, we won't judge.

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The best breathable fabric underwear after childbirth

Breathable fabric postpartum underwear

postpartum breathable fabric high waist intimate shorts

Why we like it

Some moms swear by these soft breathable fabric high waist intimate shorts, which can be washed and air dried at least a couple of times before you have to throw them. They are available in both beige and black and are very similar to those that are given in the hospital.

The best underwear after childbirth for cesarean delivery

Sheath contenitva post partum

Why we like it
This underwear multi-tasking well done is expensive, but it has several features that moms who are recovering from a caesarean appreciate. You can adjust it to your liking, cotton gusset and the silhouette to high waist and the nylon-spandex material will help you hold back while your body recovers from an isurgical intervention.

Best underwear after childbirth for the night

Postpartum high waist menstrual underpants

Why we like it

This "postpartum menstrual panties"they are perfect when the flow is intense during the first week or two after giving birth, we recommend that you also wear them with a larger tampon. This pant is made of nylon and elastane with cotton gusset. Bonus: you can continue to use it as menstrual underwear once menstruation returns regular. If you want something more fun, the underwear it is also available in cheetah print and three other colors.

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Best underwear after childbirth with light compression

Postpartum high waist containment underpants

Why we like it

Made mainly of cotton with just a touch of spandex, these containing underpants, also suitable for the recovery of caesarean section, they will give you extra support without compressing trope belly and the waist. The waist is wide, which helps prevent it from rolling down, and there are several color options.

Best multi-purpose postpartum underwear

Multi-purpose postpartum maternity panties

Why we like it

Do not be fooled by the word "maternity". Although these underpants super cute work well during the pregnancy, you can continue to wear them after childbirth, thanks to the flexible. These are offered in packs of three or five and are offered in a variety of colors and patterns.

Best luxury underwear after childbirth

High waist contenitive post partum luxury underpants

Why we like it

They are not cheap, but you will soon find yourself passionate about underwear deliciously soft of tyna.it. not only offer support post-cesarean sectionand a flattering compression panel for the belly and waist, they are also seamless, thanks to something called "glued edges", so you will not have to stress over the visible lines of panties. The tessello lining is designed to withstand leaks, although during the first weeks after giving birth we recommend that you wear an absorbent.

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The best cheap postpartum underwear

Fresh and comfortable postpartum microfiber briefs


Because we like it

If you normally like to wear microfiber underwear, there's no reason to give it up just because you're in full mode Postpartum. At an affordable price, these postpartum panties they offer great value for money, thanks to the fun colors and the "no pizzch, no roll" belt. You can buy these underpants in packs of three, five or eight.

The most versatile postpartum underwear

Folding high waist panties


Because we like it

Many mothers report that these comfortable underpants they work well after a caesarean section and life can be left high for extra support or bent, which works well in the early stages of pregnancy. They are sold in neutral solid color. Since they have a high waist, when it comes time to return to the world of non-premaman pants they will be of excellent containment for the belly

The best adjustable postpartum underwear

Firm compression postpartum panties with adjustable abdominal band

Because we like it

If you need to dress well for a night out, this compression postpartum panties adjustable could check your belly post birth. It is designed for mothers who have given birth both for vaginal way that for Cesarean (which offers protection for incision) and also has a double layer of compression on the stomach area. Instead of hooks or zippers, the waist has a velcro that is easy to reposition to get the right fit.

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Best Postpartum Underwear with Total Coverage

Breathable cotton underwear at high waist postpartum

Because we like it

Sold in both neutral shades such as black, these breathable panties post childbirth, mostly made of cotton, will quickly become the first that you will grab in the drawer of the underwear. They are machine washable (it is better to use a mesh bag) and although they are not heavy on compression, they have a double layer life that will help you keep things under control. Moms say they're also comfortable enough to sleep.

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