10 types of underpants and briefs you can't do without:Women's underpants and briefs

Theside B of women they have as many shapes and sizes as breasts, but they certainly aren't that complicated. A lot goes into determining the types of bras we wear, but not so much in choosing our underwear. It's more about your style preferences and what makes you feel comfortable.
The styles and design of thecontainment briefs and panties they rely on the function for different types of clothing thenthe right one or the wrong one can make or break a dressto. There's a reason why the saying "Don't take panties off the pile!"exist; unsuitable briefs and underpants which can seriously spoil your mood.

10 tipi di mutande e slip a cui non rinunciare: Mutande e slip da donna

Innovation in the types ofunderwear has come a long way - and there is still a long way to go - but now that there are so many options to choose from, it's hard to know which is best for what. This is where we come in. We will look at different types ofbriefs and knickers and which ones are best for what you are looking for

Degrees of cheekiness

Before getting into the different types of briefs and panties, let's talk about coverage. The styles of lingerie they differ mainly in how much they cover and how much they show, from full to none. As we list the different types ofbriefs and knickerswe will also notice their level of "cheekiness".



Perizoma vita alta contenitivo

The thong are made for super minimal coverage for avoid visible slip lines) with a T-shaped string in the back. Like the bikini, it sits three inches below the waist, with the sides usually hitting above the hip bone. They come in a variety of fabrics, from cotton to lace, so you can wear them everyday and on special occasions.

Wear the thong with:

skirts and fitted dresses; tights and leggings.

Level of cheekiness:

Side B uncovered


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Medium-high waist panties

mutande vita alta

As the name suggests, the waist of the panties sits at the hips, a couple of inches below the waist, and has low-cut leg holes. They are available in a wide range of fabrics for comfort and style, including lace, mesh, cotton and microfiber.

Wear your mid-rise panties with:

Low-rise jeans and pants.

Level of cheekiness:

Side B uncovered ¾



mutande bikini

The bikinis are a type of underwear similar to briefs but without much coverage. The waist sits three inches below the waist and has high cut leg holes. They are also available in string bikini form, where the leg holes are constructed with a thin thread of fabric. They can have the same comfortable fabrics as cotton, microfiber and nylon briefs, but also more delicate ones like lace and argyle mesh.e.

Wear the bikini with:

The types of bikini underwear are super versatile. You can wear them with anything from your favorite pair of jeans to a mini skirt.

Level of cheekiness:

Side B uncovered I see I do not see


Intimate shorts

pantaloncini intimi

The underwear shorts are modeled on men's briefs. They take on a more rectangular shape than mostpanties and are similar tomedium waist underpants, the key difference is that they have a lower leg. Some legs go down to the thigh. Comfort is key with iunderwear shorts, so the fabrics tend to be cotton, microfiber and nylon.

Wear iIntimate pants with:

Medium-high waisted underwear. With all the coverage they provide, you'll want to wear them for a casual day. They are a good choice for relaxing indoors.

Level of cheekiness:

Side B covered



mutande brasiliana

The thong or Brazilian they have the least amount of coverage, i.e. none, it only covers the butterfly. Like a thong, it has the same T shape, but with a much thinner string in the back. They tend to be made from more delicate fabrics, including lace and satin.

Wear the Brazilian thong with:

If you are looking for an intimate look without underwear, a Brazilian type thong that's what you want. Great for skirts and fitted dresses; tights and leggings. Basically whenever you want to avoid the visible lines of the panties. It's probably not the most comfortable when wearing jeans and denim, but that's your choice!

Level of cheekiness:

Side B uncovered


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culotte contenitiva

Theculottesthey are a type of women's underwear that offerslots of coverage front and back. In short, they are designed to be comfortable. They can have a variety of bottom-up increases. Since it's more about comfort, the most common fabrics used for briefs are cotton, microfiber and nylon.

Wear theculottes with:

Low or high waisted pants.

Level of cheekiness:

Side B covered


Boxer thong

tanga boxer

The types of underwearBoxer thong provide moderate to minimal coverage, with back coverage that's more of a thong but tighter than a bikini. They are a good option if you want something between a bikini and a thong.

Wear theBoxer thong with:

Fitted / fitted skirts and dresses; tights and leggings.

Level of cheekiness:

Side B bare


High cut / French cut


10 tipi di mutande e slip a cui non rinunciare: Mutande e slip da donna

The types of underwearhigh cut / French cut they have the samehigh waist of theclassic briefs but have high-cut leg holes that rise just above the fullest part of the thigh. They are a kind of bikini-slip hybrid. You can find them in fabrics from mesh to microfiber.

Wear thehigh cut / French cut with:

Hipster jeans and pants.

Level of cheekiness:

Side B I see I do not see


Control panties

mutande contenitive

The containment panties they are like normal briefs, but with the additional containment function. The style of women's underwear creates a smooth silhouette around the abdomen. I am athigh waist, just below the navel with some styles that go all the way to under the bust.

Is wearingThe containment panties with:

Fitted / fitted skirts and dresses; tights and leggings.

Level of cheekiness:

Side B I see I do not see


Seamless, cotton and lace

mutande senza cuciture

The fabricsseamless, in cotton and lace are the most common and most loved fabrics for underwear. Our underwear is an example of a seamless underwear that offers smoother and more invisible coverage.e.

The types ofwomen's cotton underwear give your glutes that cushion-like comfort you love, perfect for days when you just want to wear your jogging pants and favorite tee.

Lace types of underwear are a favorite because they are a stylish option for every day, but still sexy enough for a night out.

Is wearing The containment panties with:

Virtually anything! The types of women's underwear made from these fabrics come in different styles.Cotton thong or lace thong? Let your mood decide.

Level of cheekiness:


When it comes to styles of women's underwear, we can and must have all kinds of underwear in our wardrobe, ready for whatever outfit we decide to wear. The best part of buying underwear is that we can choose the fabrics and styles we want without worrying if it's right for our body. They are right for every body!