Why you should wear a one-piece swimsuit.

Theone-piece swimsuit is a classic synonymous with elegance and sensuality, you have to choose it based on your strengths!

The whole bathing suit it has always aroused a certain charm on men and women because of its elegance, refinement and seduction.

The swimsuit was considered the swimsuit "delle None", "out of fashion". Fortunately, things have changed today and thanks to Hollywood VIPs who have adopted a new style by reintroducing the most beautiful and sensual one-piece swimsuit ever. Every woman can find her own model ofswimsuit ideal according to your tastes, your style and your shapes.

Theone-piece swimsuit it is a beautiful solution for the evening when the sun is setting, for an aperitif by the pool. Aone-piece swimsuit you can combine it with a long skirt without giving up a dip in the water.

With ourswhole bathing suits you can disguise some imperfections.

For those who want to highlight the waist

If your waistline is what you want to focus on on the beach, focusing attention on life. This costume will make your waist appear tighter and more prominent. The most suitable models areTrikinior withside portholes.

Costume modellante contenitivo

Watch theTrikini with draped neckline (Here)

Costume da bagno intero modellante contenitivo

 Shaping containment swimsuit Herei)


The waistline is not very thin

The solution is to focus the attention elsewhere with a shaping one-piece swimsuit with intense patterns and colors

Costume da bagno contenitivo modellante

Shaping containment swimsuit Herei)Costume da bagno contenitivo modellante

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Costume da bagno contenitivo modellante

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Costume da bagno intero modellante taglie forti

 Plus size modeling one-piece swimsuit Herei)


If you have wide hips

Shift all attention to your décolleté, back and your smile.

choose a one-piece swimsuit with a generous neckline and, if possible, with balconette cups.Try to wear a one-piece swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable, opaque but sensual at the same time, and you will relive the myth of American lifeguards.

Costume da bagno intero modellante contenitivo

C.full body shaping containment ostume (Here)

Costume da bagno modellante contenitivo pancia

 Belly shaping swimsuit Herei)

Costume da bagno intero

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