Post parto e prova costume 2022: guida per scegliere il costume post parto giusto per te

Post partum and costume fitting:guide to choosing the right post partum costume

Childbirth is a joyful experience, obviously. But once pregnancy becomes a thing of the past, many new moms are left with onenew shape (once again and end upr dread the idea of spending hot days on the beach. Their pre-baby silhouette isn't back yet, and postpartum comes with a variety of realities you may not be ready to show.Scar from caesarean section? Stretch marks and varicose veinsSwollen breasts? Not to worry. For any worries you have about your postpartum appearance, there's a swimsuit with a solution. Here is a guide to finding the perfect swimsuit for the your beautiful happy mom body.


Super soft stomach,extra skin,hernia,wide hips,diastasis of 3 or more fingers and anavel not beautiful. Things that make it difficult to wear any swimsuit.When was the last time you wore a bikini?

“Swimsuits you wore before pregnancy are likely not going to look good on you. The important thing here is to look for thedesigns that bring out the best in you as a woman. Apply this law incolors issilhouettes will be the main ally to always hit with a good swimsuit for sunbathing "

Discover here the postpartum containment girdle most used by new mothers

Post parto e prova costume: guida per scegliere il costume post parto giusto

Neoprene,nylon isspandex are the favorites if it comes toflatten the abdomen after pregnancy. Size is also very important, a swimsuit should always be right,not narrow or wide. "


 First decision: how to hide your belly with "art"?

This year you will not only want to cover your tummy, but also bring something beautiful even without compression

So, on reflection, we started exploring the "trikini" and "bikini with high waisted briefs "60s style

The topic "postpartum trikini"has always been in fashion because, to tell the truth, they are always associated with the voluptuous" females "of those who appear in the Pitbull videos with fluorescent colors ...


You'll be a sexy new mom, confident and proud of her curves!

Hide your postpartum tummy with this tummy shaping costume Find out here


ostume modellante pancia post parto

 Second decision: invest in quality costumes

And if the quality is noticeable with normal clothing, in swimwear it is even more evident
The type of lycra, theswimsuit frame, the cut, thedesign ... even the worst bodies look different when they use a lycra that holds well and when theswimsuit he has armor that praises what he must praise
So this summer 2020 invest in a top quality swimsuit that holds your curves

Third decision: swimwear 2020

After trying many models I kept these which I love:


Supportive trikini with cups

This model you have to wear. Check your abdomen and stylize your figure making you look spectacular.

Trikini contenitivo con coppe

It's a model that feels great and keeps the belly hidden as it should be ...



 One-shoulder containment costume

This one-shoulder one-piece swimsuit is perfect for you. Abdomen flat and without rolls. Strong control to show off an incredible figure.

Costume contenitivo monospalla



High-waisted bikini from the 60s

This high-waisted bikini bottom hides the belly very well




Discover here the Post partum containment sheath most used by new mothers

guaina compressione forte post parto



Swimsuit with dark colors and prints

If you want to slim down, wear solid colors with black, navy, dark gray, hunter green prints: Perfect for hiding extra pounds after giving birth that you may not be ready to flaunt yet. Check out this unique piece.


Wear a high-waisted bikini

  THEhigh waisted bikini they don't work on all body types, but if you have a long bust, like a throwback silhouette, and are craving a two-piece with more coverage, this is for you. This is also a great option for moms who have had a caesarean section but who still want to wear a bikiniwithout exposing the scar to the sun. In addition, it contains and shapes the postpartum belly.

bikini a vita alta  

  Dare more

Bringing attention to another part of your body is brilliant. But it has to be the right swimsuit, tell me if I'm wrong, but breastfeeding is bigger when full but not very pretty when empty. This costume is ideal because it contains the breasts well and creates a beautiful neckline.



 'Discover the most exclusive postpartum containment costumes here'


Try on panels, inserts and seams in the belly area

This costume works very well, distracts your belly's attention beyond stretch marks and love handles. This has the perfect mix of leather-effect fabric with corner seams to visually slim the figure after delivery.



One-piece swimsuits with valant

THEswimwear with ruffles they give a younger look and a chic and modern touch. The ideal would be a one-piece swimsuit with a belly shaping ruffle.



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