Men's boxer briefs underpants: to buy for every body type

The best men's underwear available. Whether you prefer briefs, boxers or shorts, here's what to buy fromTYNA.IT

Discover here the most beautiful and comfortable men's briefs

Considering they're the first thing you wear every day, men's underwear is probably the last piece of your wardrobe where you spend time researching. It is worth doing. Getting the right pair in the closet not only means you'll feel better all day, but your clothes will look better too.
Men's boxer briefs underpants: to buy for every body type
The most important thing to remember when buying men's underwear is to be honest with yourself.
This is the layer closest to your skin, so if you're not feeling well, it's time for a change. There are also clear signs that you may be wearing the wrong size completely. If the elastics are too tight on and in your thighs, you are probably wearing a size too small. If your waist keeps slipping every time you bend over, you're wearing too large a size or the elastic is gone (and it's time to throw away).
Here, we break down the four main cuts and which men they look best on.

Men's briefs

Best for: Men with larger thighs (and those who are, er, more well endowed)

Discover here the most beautiful and comfortable men's briefs

Men's boxer briefs underpants: to buy for every body type
Forget those briefs your mother used to buy you, the new generation of designer models on the market is more elegant and more revolutionary than ever. And there's a reason you've seen footballers like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo wear them in campaigns - they're the best choice for men with larger thighs. You will find that legged underwear tends to rise during the day, causing a rolling in the material that will show through the tight pants.
Briefs are also good for shorter men, as they expose more legs, making them appear longer and therefore taller.
Perhaps most importantly, this style is extraordinarily supportive, ideal if you're a cardio enthusiast. For everyday wear we recommend opting for a 100% cotton pair, but look for technical fabric versions for workouts, as they will absorb moisture from the skin. No artificial fibers, unless you're particularly interested in getting a rash down there.
One thing to keep in mind is that there are several cuts on the legs at different angles. And just like the arm holes on a shirt, this can affect how they fit. A thinner section of material below the belt usually means less material on the back of the pants themselves, so these are better suited to guys with smaller hindquarters (or one who trains continuously at the gym). If you're lucky enough to have something larger back there, beware of panties with a little more material over the thigh area for more coverage at the back.
Avoid the uber-trad Y-front panties that sit below the navel. No potential date wants you to be reminded of grandpa when you get naked for the night. For us, TYNA.IT has the perfect men's briefs, providing the right amount of turn-up to the lower regions, without being too restrictive
Men's boxer briefs underpants: to buy for every body type

Men's boxer

Ideal for: maximum breathability

Discover here the most beautiful and comfortable men's briefs

Men's boxer briefs underpants: to buy for every body type

If you're not the type of man who regularly wears suit trousers or slim jeans, boxers offer maximum breathability and are far less revealing than any other style. However, this comes at a cost: pboxers offer little support.

While you probably wore them for the first time in your teens as a rebellion against the underpants you were forced to wear before, this is another style of men's underwear that has had a gentlemanly makeover in recent years. The loose fit and shirred, elasticated waist might be the more traditional take, but many designers now offer shorter, slimmer options with an elastic waistband, which are a viable option for men with thin thighs.

As a side note, if you're a man with thicker thighs that tend to touch when you walk, boxers can be tricky - the low crotch cut often means thigh rubbing, so to speak. And if you wear shorts, it can get sweaty and potentially quite sore.

However, the breathability of this model means they are the best choice for sleepwear - choose a plain 100% cotton pair or a fresh pattern with a tailored waist.

Helpful Tip: If you're in seduction mode, avoid the new Christmas pants at all costs. in a short breathable boxer shorts that are fluid and will give you enough breeze.

Men's boxer-briefs

Best for: taller men (and guys with a large rear)

Men's boxer briefs underpants: to buy for every body type

As the name suggests, boxer-briefs have the shape of traditional boxers, but cut from a tighter material. Since the rise of slimmer silhouettes in menswear over the past decade or so, this has become the go-to style for most guys. Arguably, it's the most versatile style around - not as revealing as panties, but it offers all the support with added thigh-brushing powers.

Boxer-briefs usually hit the middle of the thigh and often have a button. This means they can also be a great additional style, alongside briefs, for men with larger thighs - and the added material between the legs means it can help avoid any chafing. That said, if that's your goal, make sure you choose your pair wisely - choose the longer one and make sure they aren't too tight or they'll dent under your pants.

Boxer-briefs really come into the picture for men who have more stuff to store back there. Those with larger hindquarters often find that briefs do not provide sufficient coverage, men's boxers fit around the thigh and butt area, the waist should not be too loose. With a snug fabric that stretches across the legs, boxers provide the perfect welcome center.

While this is a versatile style that suits most men, a higher waist is usually a key component of boxer-briefs, making them particularly suitable for taller frames, over which underwear can slip down. when it folds. TYNA.IT men's boxer-briefs are for us a staple of the wardrobe, bridging the gap between too short and too long.

High-waisted shorts and underpants for men

Best for: Slimmer men or gym-trained guys

Men's boxer briefs underpants: to buy for every body type

The newest style on this list, these are a shorter version of the boxer-briefs and have grown in popularity with the rise of super skinny pant styles over the past five years or so. When it comes to length, they tend to sit mid to top of the thigh. Some come with a keyhole flap, but usually the style is flat and sometimes includes an extra fabric pouch for added support and ... "enhancement".

Because this model fits more flush with the skin than boxer-briefs, often with a higher degree of elasticity in the fabric, this model is best worn by men who are thinner than the thigh - anyone with larger thighs may find that trouser legs lift up when you walk.

Another benefit for men with leaner legs is that their snug fit means the trunks won't leave a bunch of excess fabric around the thighs, making them look slimmer. Look for a pair that cuts your thigh in half at the widest point, as this will emphasize that width and make your legs more muscular.

This model also usually has a lower waist than its boxer counterpart, which means they sit lower on the hips.