Temi e tendenze matimonio LGBT:  passaggi essenziali per pianificare un matrimonio gay

LGBT mating themes and trends: essential steps to plan a gay marriage

The five essential steps to plan a gay marriage

The five essential points you need to consider to plan your gay marriageYeah. New ideas, lots of possibilities and some advice for engagement, ceremony, wedding dresses or bridal dresses.

Are you marrying the love of your life? We know that nothing can excite you more than to marry the person you love and admire so much. If you are about to take the big step, to ask that long-awaited question or to finally say yes; if you are going to commit to a total and complete surrender of love, and if you have chosen someone of the same sex As your life partner, you will surely know, as we do, that planning your marriage can be complicated, which is why, in this post, we give you the best advice to cover all the essential elements of a fair marriage.

To make the marriage of your dreams come true, there are several points on which you should think and speak in pairs, because communication is essential for this great step. In this article we will help you to think: which one will give the ring? How will the wedding payments be divided? He who walks first at the altar, or if he walks at the same time; he who dresses in white.

The first step, the proposal

The first topic we suggest you talk about in pairs concerns the great moment of the delivery of the ring. There are many possibilities, and the important thing is to choose the one that makes you happier. You can give the ring to your partner by surprise; plan a dinner or a special activity like going to the balloon and give an unforgettable experience to the person in your life. They can also talk and agree with which of the two are excited to give the ring and who receives it. Another possibility is that they both exchange a ring; everyone can buy a ring, as well as schedule a romantic moment to give it away and thus live both parts of the request.

the cost of marriage

We all love weddings, they're the funniest events of the year, and although we would like all our loved ones to have silver and gold weddings, the hard reality is that weddings cost, and not exactly little. If you both have a sound economy, you can set a budget and each pays half. It may be that both parties do not work or have the same salary, so it is also a good thing that it is the one that earns the most, that pays the highest costs such as alcohol or catering. Many wedding planners with a lot of experience in equal marriages, one of their biggest tips for the wedding budget is: "There is such a protocol to follow regarding who will absorb or how the wedding expenses will be incurred; the best thing is to have a final total budget to control the expenses and not spend them, and define in which they would like to invest more. In the end, it doesn't matter who pays for what, but rather that they work as a team and enjoy every step of the way to the big day.

What do you want to wear?

We also have a number of possibilities here. We know that there are couples who decide to wear both a tuxedo and a dress, but this is not the only option for your marriage; if it is a female couple, they can both wear a long white dress with veil; you can also wear a short white dress and a long white dress; Another option is to wear a dress different from what we know and that both sides wear a different color dress.

The ceremony

Perhaps this is one of the most important issues to consider. There are those who decide to say only a few words during the celebration of civil marriage, however, there are couples who want to carry out a spiritual celebration where they commit themselves to union through a symbolic rite. There are people who specialize in celebrating spiritual ceremonies to unite two people who love each other in marriage. Olga Rosenberg and her team, Symbolic Weddings, are experts in this type of ceremony: "We celebrate the union and commitment of couples through a creative force, Mother Earth and the 4 elements; We also do humanistic ceremonies without a religious or spiritual anchor, they are highly emotional and significant ceremonies; both are designed so that couples feel that moment as an unforgettable experience that truly reaches their hearts and stays there for the rest of their lives. "

The great entrance

The day you go walking among all your loved ones to join that person you love so much, you'll have to decide with your partner how you want to make it happen. There are many options that can be considered: one of the two parties can be standing at the place where the ceremony will be held, while the other walks to the arm of the father or mother; they can also come in together to celebrate their big day and walk shoulder to shoulder; Another option is for both to get into their parents' arm, one before and the other after. No matter how you want to make your big entrance, what matters is to do it with a smile as big as the love you have.
There are no rules, no tradition that you have to follow. Like everything in life, there are many options, variants and paths; if what is there, is not to your liking, you can do and inaugurate new paths; what better way to get married than with your own style and identity. Don't be afraid to remove, put, create or cancel new or old concepts, the only thing that matters is that you can make the marriage of your dreams, a reality.
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