Themes and trends for weddings 2020-2021

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Temi e tendenze matrimoniali: Scopri le idee più in voga per il tuo giorno speciale
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 If you are getting married and are still looking for original ideas to adapt to your wedding, today we leave you some trends for weddings 2019-2020

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Your wedding must have a personal stamp because it is yours and unique. It must reflect your tastes and personalities so that guests think "this is the most beautiful wedding".

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Also, it must be as you always dreamed of, as you really like it, without thinking too much about what others think

You certainly had the typical year where you were invited to 3 weddings. You probably thought that all marriages are the same, but not yours!

You and, of course, the wedding planner you choose will make your event unique and unforgettable for everyone.

Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021

And the best way to print your essence and get an original wedding is to thematize it.

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How to thematize a wedding

There are two options: to thematize only a part or the whole marriage.

For romantics and dreamers

1. Disney

A Disney wizarding inspired wedding is always captivating and beautiful. And it doesn't have to be tiring or mundane.

You can choose the theme of a certain movie or a mix. Eg:

Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021

  • Let each table be a different movie or character
  • Corners decorated differently
  • Appetizer may have a twist like: Little Mermaid Oysters or Robbin Hood Sherwood Forest Delightsd)


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Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021


2. Fairy tales

Fairytale weddings have also become fashionable lately and are beautiful. They look spectacular at night with those little lights.

Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021

3. Romantic

We agree that a wedding should be romantic, but the romantic style is particularly beautiful.

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Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021

The secret is many flowers, many white and pastel colors and which, by the way, will be in trend this season such as lavender pink and other colors that give a great play, such as boy blue, also in trend.a.

Alsovintage furniture they will be great.

If you too give a touch of French Louis XIV style, for example, inspiration in Versailles Palace, etc. It will be very chic.c.


For lovers of retro style

4. Decades

Looks like retro is in fashion. A 20s, 30s, 50s wedding style ... It can be very beautiful.

Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021


5. Hippy

Peace and love, brotherhood. What better slogan for a union. You can make cool things with this theme in terms of decoration, clothes, etc.

6. Vintage

For a few years it has been the queen of trends, although lately it is a little more in decline, sharing its importance with the boho-chic style.

But the truth is that a vintage wedding is 100% charming and gives a lot of play. If you don't want to risk it, it's a bet already won..


Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021


For history fans

7. Historical

And why not a wedding inspired by the great civilizations of history Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, ....

It can be truly original.

It can also be medieval in style or based on the eighteenth century, for example.

Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021


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Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021


For music lovers

8. Music is the life of the party

Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021

Whether it revolves around rock or pop can be very good, but how about setting the wedding as if it were a festival?

You can make fabric wristbands, such as those that serve as an entrance to music festivals.

Make your guests feel like they are in Primavera Sound, if you like alternative music more, or like in the legendary Tomorrow Land, if you like electronic music.Read also:Trendy Wedding Colors 2019-2020 Herei)

A bit of everything

9. Motorcyclists

In Italy there is a great passion for motorcycles. On weekends, when the weather is good, there is nothing more than going to any street and seeing many of them.

The tool used in this type of wedding is very much in line with industrial decoration. As you will understand, the romantic style doesn't affect anything with this theme, but that doesn't mean it won't look pretty.

Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021

There are very interesting things that can be done with industrial decoration: wood, metals and flowers cannot be missing, which always give life and joy.

The perfect place: an old warehouse type space, an abandoned factory or a workshop.


And if you don't find the right place, you can set any space thanks to the vintage decoration.

10. Travel

If you love to travel, discover new places and cultures, this is your theme. Yes, quite common, but that doesn't mean it can't be original.

And you can always combine it with other styles. For example, vintage is to have some retro cars and old leather suitcases as decoration or for the photobooth.

The seating they can be from countries, but if you particularly like a country or a culture, you can classify them by city or even by monuments.

There are endless ideas for making a seating plan with a map shape.

Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021

11 From film

Choose the theme you choose, your wedding will be a movie without a doubt, but if you are also a spectator, this theme will be perfect.

You can do an Oscar-inspired photocall or on a movie set.

Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021

And make a fun yet fun video to show guests before the desserts.

There are great professionals in the audiovisual world who can do spectacular things for less than you think.

After all, life is a film in which the directors and protagonists are ourselves.


12. Healthy mind, healthy body

If you are a sports fan and this also unites you, you cannot miss this great opportunity to capture it on the best day of your life.

Marriage can be inspired by your favorite sport, the team you follow endlessly and beyond, or the Olympic Games.

You can also take the opportunity to opt for a healthier menu, in which grills, vegetables and proteins are the protagonists.

But make no mistake, that doesn't mean people won't like food. There are great recipes made only with vegetables and grains that give a lot of play and are delicious.



13. One thousand and one nights

A Thousand and One Nights is what you want to spend together and the Arabic theming is precious.

If you have an aperitif outdoors, you can put afood truck specializing in this type of food and making a small fusion: cus-cus, falafel, mujaddara, ...

The decoration gives a magical touch to everything and also gives a certain exotic charm.


We are approaching the Friki part

In the late 90's and early new millennium, being a frikinon was very cool. But now it is also well received.

Also, we must recognize that we all have our own inner Friki which is part of our unique personality, so why not take advantage of it in your marriage.?

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14. Manga, superhero or series

There are thousands of characters, series and comics to choose from: Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Batman, The Avengers, ...

You will have very funny and memorable photos by choosing the best props and according to this theme for the photocall or photo booth.

15. Gothic

Yes, it seems that a gothic wedding, where black is usually the protagonist, may seem strange but nothing is further from reality.

You can play a lot with colors like red.

Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021

It sounds a bit strange, but the white color for wedding dresses is something of the twentieth century. Even at the beginning of this century, it was common to get married in black.

Get to know a more elegant and stylized color?

Moreover, it is a color that is gradually being introduced more and more into bridal fashion. The best stylists have great proposals for this particular type of clothes.

Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021


Yes, this is very extreme and only for the most daring.

To theorize your wedding as a house of terror can be a bit hardcore, but if you really like it, why not?

Fun is guaranteed, and if you've always dreamed of having a Halloween party in style but have never been able to do it, this is your great opportunity.

17. Our profession unites us

Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021

The passion for work unites you So you can also show it at your wedding..

If you are a teacher, the decoration can revolve around the school. You can also give a vintage touch, it will be very beautiful.

In case you are dedicated to medicine or the pharmaceutical sector, what do you think about giving a candy kit in the shape of pills to the guests?

For example boxes of "angeleamore", "ibuprotivogliobene" filled with sweets and chocolates as sweet as you.

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For nature lovers

Contact with nature is always good for us. Here we give you some ideas:

18. Wedding on the beach

A beach wedding is lovely and you can choose the style you want. Although the ideal is to do it in the summer.

Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021

Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021



If that's your dream, there are tricks to do it: Do the ceremony at a beach bar or on the private beach of a hotel or campsite.

19. Boho Chic

It is a style that remains trendy and is no exception.

A woodland wedding in a park or garden is ideal. Boho-chic plays a lot with greens and natural colors, choosing earth tones and wood for decoration.

Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021

It gives a fresh, natural and simple touch that enchants everyone.

It can also be combined with the tropical style. For example, a wedding inspired by Hawaiian Boho Chic, ideal for the summer, with fruit smoothies ... What do you want?

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20. For colors

Let's say it's a secondary topic, because it must necessarily choose a color palette.

Sure, you can have a vintage-style wedding where white, pink and pastel blue, for example, are the protagonists.

Or a luxury style where gold or bronze are the highlights.

But if you see the life of roses and want to print this seal on your big day, then move on.

Also, this season are really cool colors, like Chill Oil a reddish color reminiscent of chilli oil,),

the blooming dahlia dalias in flowersi)

Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021

or the green arcadia that personally drives me crazy.).

But if there is one color that will be the protagonist of the 2019-2020 wedding season it is ultraviolet and its whole range: lilac, purple, purple, etc.

Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021

21. Cultures and traditions

Cultures and traditions abound around the world, so lean on the one that catches your eye and offers more decorating options. Charras weddings enter into this theme, in which the spouses also wear special gala costumes, arrive on horseback and surround themselves with skirmishes.

Mayan weddings are also very fashionable, which are performed under a ritual in spectacular places such as cenotes, so many couples choose to celebrate their union in Quintana Roo. Cultures like that of classical Greece, this is their chance to have a whole experience: Can you imagine opening up between columns with an Empire Court wedding dress The groom could make it more complicated for the wardrobe, but if the wedding is on the beach, sandals will be the perfect shoe..

22. Hobbies

Temi e tendenze per matrimoni 2020-2021

Hobbies integrate another fun theme that always appears in images of wedding invitations, cards to identify tables or party souvenirs. Sports lovers might be interested in changing a classic signature book for a fun ball, ready to be filled with wishes, while classic car enthusiasts are sure to already know which wedding car they will say goodbye after the ceremony.

And if you are a fan of family games, lottery, Risk, Scrabble or Monopoly cards and Jenga wooden bars cannot be missing in some corner of the decoration. It could be that you happen to be playing Twister to digest the heaviness of the banquet OR you dare to ask them to design a seating plan in the purest guess who style.i?


There are thousands of themes to choose from for your wedding. It just has to be what you like best and let your imagination run wild.

Download the guide for the perfect wedding now. Print version herei)

Download the guide for the perfect wedding now. Digital version herei)


Which theme will you choose?