Man: What you should know when choosing your underwear

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Uomo: cosa dovresti sapere quando scegli la tua biancheria intima
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Until some time ago the mission to buy Bintimate ancancheria for men It could be something relatively easy and simple, since perhaps the only question they had to do was ... Boxer or slip?
However, every day the market proposes new models and types of briefs for men, to satisfy most consumers.
It is for this reason that Michael Kleinman, director of the Specialized Blog The Underwear Expert, commented on the Men's Health site the types of male underwear available and their characteristics.
Do you want to know how to choose this type of head? Find out below.


Although little by little they have lost importance as a main trend, the briefsThey still enjoy great popularity among men. The reason for its grandeur is due to the practicality and comfort they offer to carry out activities during the day.

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Man: What you should know when choosing your underwear
These allow you to keep the parts always in the same place, which makes it an excellent option to use during sport or when you have to spend a lot of time sitting.
It is important to specify that for their characteristics, in some people they can prevent blood circulation, even if it all depends on consistency.


Who chooses this type of boxer does it mainly because it is one of those that offers more style, even if they are not recommended if you have to be moving.

This can be applied for example if you are about to practice a sport, in which case it will be better to use the closer ones.

Man: What you should know when choosing your underwear

Of course, one of the advantages they offer is that generally include a space in the front area to facilitate urination by men.


Tight boxer

This type of boxer has a great presence especially among young people, and although many use them for their comfort, there are those who find them scarcely recommended due to what they are tight.

When you buy them, make sure they don't crush you too much, otherwise you will prevent you from normally performing your activities.

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Man: What you should know when choosing your underwear

It should be noted that the ideal type of Men's underwear It will depend on the use that will be given, in addition to the body of each person. That's why the most important thing at the time of purchase is to choose the size well to get more comfort.

Things you shouldn't do when choosing men's underwear

It is important that men become aware of the importance of choosing the right underwear, as an error can make the difference either in yours Comfort that in your health.

- Wear briefs if you are trying to become dad: As a publication of the Men's Health site underlines, the testicles produce more sperm if they are free and at cooler temperatures. Better to opt for wider boxers.

-THENyxate cotton underwear during training: The ideal is to use boxers made with a material that helps to expel moisture from the body.

- Wear boxers with wool pants: In this type of trousers, wrinkles and unnatural swelling can be too obvious. It is better to opt for tight briefs.