Pantaloncini contenitivi pancia snellenti fianchi - Intimo modellante snellente contenitivo donna

Pancia-containing modeling shorts High life modeling shorts without seams Women's shorts containing anticellulite belly Close shorts Containing thigh-freezing anti-shooting containers

You want your clothes to look 10 times better? You don't need a magic wand or super powers... a nice couple of belly-containing modeling shorts It'll be fine!

Io thigh modeling container shortsare the secret weapon women use in the battle against the fat on your thighs, fat on the back, rolls of chunk and swollen belly...they have no escape! Nothing is better than knowing that yours hip modeling container shortsthey have a 360-control, right? It's the best to dress up without stress. No wonder so many women take the container shorts belly before wearing the tight jeans or that black tube;) I belly modeling shorts they're definitely something no wardrobe should do without!

Yes, themodeling container intimateoffer comfortable control for all those annoying "problematic" areas (know what I'm talking about). They are also designed for raise one's butt, helping your butt look like a lively little peach. Imagine how beautiful that would be. tubino skirtTake gods! short short short shorts belly containershigh life se you want to reduce waist and get that "fantastic" look. They'll plan the "love handles" leaving all love... yours wraparound dress it's gonna look custom-made, just for you. Beautiful!

Looking for a little more than cover and containment?

Io high-living cosce modeling shorts anticelluliteI'm the ticket if you're looking for a super shaped look, from thewaist alle thighs. They're perfect for shape waistshape belly andstreamline thighsWear them! under the clothes, i pants or even i tight jeans...honestly, trust has never been so pretty!

And here is one further advantage: there is no need to suffer from"thigh rubbing" on a hot summer day. slender container shorts thighs not only slender and reduce the bulge, but they also protect you from painful irritations.
Are you worried about the visible lines and seams that reveal your secret? No problem, girl! I slender modeling container shorts are designed to be seamless, so the only visible effect is on your safety, which will skyrocket!

When you look good, you feel great!

Io slender thighs, legs, waist and belly-modelling container shorts they supply a perfect support under all the your favourite outfit... but certainly you will want more than one pair it!

Luckily, TYNA.IT offers a variedness of styles, cloths and levels of compression between which to choose... you can find a pair fit for any outfit and occasion it. Happy shopping!

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