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Strong compression slimming body

Strong compression slimming body

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Strong compression slimming body with design that controls specific areas of the body offering greater compressionin the abdomen, waistline and inback, all this to shape the figure and define the curves in a harmonious way. It is made with Slim technology a fabric that adapts to the shape of the body with comfort, with strategically placed cuts so that the body appears more stylized. The fabric in the buttock area is lighter to avoid flattening them, fits evenly and gives them a rounded shape, plus it has a gathered vertical elastic to give them great shaping with natural enhancement. Enjoy a slimming body without elastic or exposed seams, which make itinvisible under clothing.


  • Strong compression slimming body
  • Reduces sizes of the body in specific areas
  • It completely covers the abdomen from the base of the torso at where the leg begins, the coverage on the back is high and total on the buttocks
  • Strategically placed cuts which give the body amore stylized shape enhancing the curves in a harmonious way
  • Ultra flat seams and slim zipper with flat slider,does not mark through the clothes
  • Lighter fabric in the buttock area to avoid flattening them and giving them a rounded shape
  • The vertical elastic gathered on the buttocks offersexcellent modeling with a natural push up
  • Two internal hooks in the front that help to close the garment more easily
  • Protective cotton tongue inside that helps the zipper not to abuse the skin
  • Safety lock positioned where the zip closure ends, it keeps it in place and prevents it from slipping
  • Wide straps of the latest technology without seams guarantee the perfect support you need
  • Bottom pins with three adjustment options, plus cotton reinforcement to always feel comfortable and safe
  • Excellent quality fabric printed inside the body, it offers greater freshness and softness in contact with the skin

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