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Strong effect modeling body

Strong effect modeling body

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Discover the strong effect modeling body most popular, specially designed forshape and control specific areas of your body like:abdomen, waist, back,hips and buttocks. It has special stitching which helps to give one stylized shape to your figure, especially in the buttocks, it makes them look rounder and does not flatten them. It is made with PowerSlim on the outside which helps check and reduce your body measurements, and with DuraFit inside that's a softer and fresher fabric with your skin. It's avery comfortable strong effect modeling body, withremovable elastic straps which you can adjust to your body, it has an ultra-flat closure in the front that does not mark on the skin or clothing, and with 3 internal automatic pins for easy use. It is a garment that you can wear every day.


  • Strong effect modeling body
  • Reduces the waistline and upper, middle and lower abdomen, shape your back and buttocks giving your body the shape you've always dreamed of
  • Special cuts and seams that shape, stylize and refine your buttocks
  • Design with a excellent back support, offers greater coverage and helps eliminate annoying underarm flab rolls
  • Made with ahigh strength and durability material thatreduces the measurements of your body
  • Inner lining made with a ultra thin smooth fabric that gives you greater freshness and comfort all day long
  • Free bustto wear your favorite bra
  • Front closureultra-flat that sets us apart, with three internal automatic pins that facilitate the use of the garment
  • Adjustable and removable straps which you can perfectly adapt to your size
  • Her practical lower opening facilitates visits to the bathroom and makes youfeel much more comfortable
  • Lace accents on the legs with a soft fit
  • Fabric composition: 82 Polyamide, 18 Elastanean

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