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Body modeling hips

Body modeling hips

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This hip shaping leotard is perfect! You will have several advantages in a single garment, it is a safe bet. It is designed for shape the whole body covers you from the abdomen to the middle of the calf, with a finishseamless that you will love. It's aluxury modeling body made in SkinFuse, which offers all the benefits of seamless technology, a unique control that exerts aa pressure on specific areas of the body, so that it is modeled smoothly andcomfortable, giving you a very natural look. Our compression locates the parts of the body that require shaping and avoids flattening those that generate a silhouette with multiple curves. On the lateral part of the thighs and under the buttocks, it has greater compression; while in the buttocks it does not have any kind of control not to flatten them. It also has one special band under the buttocks, that lifts them and gives them a rounded shape. This fantastic body shaper is made in one piece and has an ultra small number of seamsflat and invisible. Use it as ifwas a second skin and move freely. Try it and get a well-defined silhouette, you will be surprised by hisresistance, softness and comfort.


  • High waist shaping that gives you very comfortable control overabdomen, waist, back and legs.
  • Designed to shape your entire body, covering from the abdomen to the center of the calves
  • Enhance the buttocks: special band under the buttocks, which lifts them and gives them a rounded shape
  • Non-slip elastic
  • Removable straps: super comfortable, adjustable and multipurpose
  • Bottom opening for maximum comfort
  • Stimulates good circulation
  • Composition: 80 polyamide, 20 elastanean

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