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Postpartum containment sheath

Postpartum containment sheath

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Thispostpartum containment sheath reduces waist and abdomen centimeters in a practical way. Has aregulation system Velcro on the sides that allows you to adjust the sheath. The front panel is made of PowerSlim and DuraFit, this combination of materialsi produces the reduction effect guaranteeing a greater comfort. The leg elastics are covered to prevent them from being marked on clothing. This new design defines the waist and gradually flattens the abdomen.


  • It shrinks and contains your silhouette withexcellent conpression of the upper, middle and lower abdomen
  • Velcro adjustable sides to adjust as you lose inches
  • Soft in contact with the skin, the durable DuraFit stretch fabric yes fits your body in total comfort
  • The front panel is made with double PowerSlim fabrice increases the level of reduction in the abdomen and waist
  • 100 cotton gusset,, to feel fresh during the day
  • Helps to recover the figure after pregnancy
  • Thispostpartum containment sheath it is perfect for those who are in the process of losing weight, after surgery, pregnancy or diet

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