Man modeling containment boxer girdle

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Man shaping boxer

If you are looking for oneman containing boxer girdle, it will become a must when you have 2 garments in 1. His life begets one strong compression of the upper abdomen,middle and lower;waist and back. It is made with a soft, light and comfortable material. Furthermore, theseams are flat, making theminvisible under clothing.  Thereman containing boxer girdleit has a classic silhouette and an opening that makes it easy to wear. Its perfect fit makes it ideal for everyday wear or special occasions under a formal dress. It can also be used for sports and to keep the abdomen contracted. You will immediately see the difference in your appearance.

Product details:

  • Man containment boxer girdle
  • Strong compression of the upper, middle and lower abdomen; waist and back
  • Non-slip elastic
  • Made with a double layer of fabric of soft, light and comfortable material
  • Front opening to make you feel even more comfortable
  • Excellent modeling and perfect body fit
  • Composition:polyamide 68.00, elastane 22.00, polyester 6.00, silicone 4.00, Lining composition: polyamide 77.00, elastane 23.0023,00%

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