Guida alla guaina contenitiva modellante: Quale scegliere in base al tuo fisico.

Guide to the shaping containment girdle:Which one to choose according to your physique.

Theshaping containment sheaths they are your perfect ally to be able to flatten the abdomen, to lift the buttocks, to be able to keep the breasts in the correct position, as well as to be able to fight the dreaded lower back pains that may arise. In addition, it also has a whole series of advantages that will make us understand why more and more women and men are betting on it.o.


High waist strong compression containment girdle

guaina contenitiva compressione forte vita alta

 Another advantage of thesecontainment sheaths is that they help to apply pressure to some specific areas, a fact that can be a good solution, for example, to help us recover from surgery.


Post partum containment sheath

guaina contenitiva postparto


Considerations to take into account when purchasing a shaping containment girdle.


The size:Obviously it is important that thecontainment and modeling sheaththat we are going to buy can perfectly fit your size. If you choose a very large model, it will happen as for the clothes, that there will be suspended areas, giving an unsightly effect. But not only that; Remember the effect of thesecontainment sheaths it is obtained by giving a certain compression; If the model is too slow, this compression will not occur, so we will only waste time and money. On the other hand, it is also advisable to make sure that the size is not too small; Otherwise, this time the pressure you will receive will be excessive, which could affect your movements, and could interrupt blood circulation, as well as cause some problems such as irritation, red areas, presence of pimples ...

Elasticity:Choose a stretch model, this way you can adapt it perfectly to your body. One of the main advantages of aelasticated sheathunlike the rest of the models that are on the market, it helpscorrect your posture, as well as facilitating wearability when carrying out various activities. There are many people who, once they have suffered a certain sports injury, do not go back to playing sports if it occurs again; in other words, because they have grasped a certain fear that they cannot overcome. With acontainment sheath  you can get the security you need when playing sports, knowing that your whole body will be adequately protected.

High waist thong containment girdle

guaina contenitiva vita alta perizoma
Quality:It is very important to bet on a model that guarantees thehighest quality that you can find. If you have any doubts, in order not to take risks, what you can do is not to buy products because they seem cheap. But if you don't know the brands of thesesheaths, then we have one last trick: Contact sellers and ask for advice. And it is that from them you will be able to find out which model is best for you and know whether or not it is worth making a certain investment in a higher quality model.

Ease of washing:You have to know that since thesecontainment and slimming sheaths exercise a 'excellent compression on your body, are directly in contact with your skin, so they will be soaked in sweat. By this we mean that they must be washed from time to time, in order to use them in the highest possible hygienic conditions. To achieve this, we recommend that you focus on a material fromhighest possible quality, which is easy to wash and which, once done, is flawless, almost like new.

Invisible high waist containment girdle

guaina contenitiva invisibile vita alta
After seeing all these criteria on themodeling containment sheath, all we will have to do is start comparing prices to choose the option that best suits what you are looking for.

Why buy from our online store?

Buying in our online store guarantees the highest quality that can be found in the market, as well as prices so adequate that you will not be able to believe it. In addition, we can answer any questions that arise, as we are a shop that is really specialized in what it sells.


Strong string containment girdle

Guaina contenitiva forte perizoma


High waist shaping containment girdle

Guaina contenitiva taglie forti


Plus size containment sheath

Guaina contenitiva taglie forti


Hips shaping containment girdle

Guaina modellante contenitiva fianchi


Strong G-string modeling girdle

guaina modellante forte perizoma


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