15 Things That Happen To Women When They Wear Good Underwear

Article published at: Nov 12, 2017 Article tag: intimo buon prezzo
15 Cose che succedono alle donne quando indossano un buon intimo - Intimo modellante snellente contenitivo donna
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The 15 things that happen to women when they wear the right underwear.


A fair, wonderful garment that hides, carves, shapes and transforms every woman into a goddess. Sometimes this faithful ally can cause you embarrassment when it comes to choosing.   

Behind a successful woman there is almost always a Spanx daBeyonce toKim Kardashian and including those that don't seem to need it like Kristen Steward. No.There is no Hollywood star who doesn't use this famous brand. However this doesn't mean that wearing a Spanx is as easy as it sounds.

Here are some tips for you to choose the best shaping containment underwear.

1. Decide which one to buy:

Once the decision is made you are faced with different models .... Which one to choose

There are shaping bandsshort, long, mid-thigh, knee-length, thong type. 

                                     Choose yours here


2.The size:

What it means from XS to 3X always ask for advice before buying any modeling underwear. You must know that by taking a smaller size you will find yourself bad because there are sizes and models suitable for every type of body.


3. The right color:

Look at them all, sigh, and eventually bring you one of each. Typical...


4. Time to put it on:

Each garment's label contains instructions on how to wear your Spanx shaping underwear


5. A look in the mirror:

Here comes the moment of truth, you face the mirror and ask if this really works. It really makes me leaner Woman of little faith, get dressed and you will see.


6. The Bridget Jones moment:

OMG! You realize it works, you are perfect! Spanx transformed you.

7. Doubts:

You start wondering if that's enough or if you might still look slimmer. You should overlap another Quiet one, all in crippled excess, even a double Spanx..

8. The panic begins:

You hear footsteps behind the door, you have closed well, the panic begins, because no one, absolutely no one can see you and discover your great secret..

9. You feel guilty because you need it:

Suddenly, you feel guilty: for not going to the gym. Why did you eat the second cream puff

10. That wonderful feeling:

Once you get into that fabulous dress, you realize that Spanx is your best friend. The effort was worth it.



11. Spanx can save the world:

Suddenly, you start wondering if Spanx could solve other problems for you as well. Sure! It's wonderful.

12. The selfie moment:

Since you have been able to wear underwear the right way, you will take all the pictures in the world that will show your figure.You deserve a lot of likes on social media.


13. Sit down very carefully:

A tip, make sure you don't choose a size larger or longer than the dress you will be wearing, because if so, you won't be able to hide it. However, after a couple of glasses you may forget you're wearing it, so ... you have to be very careful when you sit down or everyone will discover your amazing secret.

14. When the compliments arrive:

Hello! You are fabulous, you look great what you did. It is possible that no one has understood my secreto?

15. Decide that you can have another glass of wine:

Why are you wearing a Spanx, then! Calories don't matter!


What are you waiting to wearjust underwear

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