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General conditions of use of the site https://tyna.itt

Welcome to the website of the sole proprietorship Di Roma Antonio VAT no. IT02003660764. In thanking you for visiting our pages, we take this opportunity to inform you that access to the site and the use of the services and content provided through it are activities governed by these General Conditions of use hereinafter also "General Conditions" which, to allow you to read smoother, we present you in the form of FAQ Frequently Asked Questions. We remind you that by accessing our Site, and / or using even one of the Services provided through it, you confirm that you know and accept the General Conditions as published on this page. If you believe you do not accept them, we invite you not to access or use the contents and services offered through our sites.tri siti.

For a clearer and easier consultation, we have decided to provide you with a glossary of the terms most frequently used on this page below.

a The sole proprietorship Di Roma Antonio VAT no. IT02003660764 hereinafter also the Company: indicates the manager of the Site and of the registered domains and sub-domains. all, computer and non-IT, to support them;ssi;

b Sites: indicates the web portals attributable to the Company, consisting of all the Services and Contents made available to the Users who consult them;;

c Services: represents the set of activities and operations that Users can perform regarding the Content made available through the Sites;;

d Contents: by way of example and not limited to, texts, documents, audio-video materials, information, graphic elaborations, photographs and / or images, illustrations, drawings, logos, works and any other type of original or reproduced creative material, published on the Sites or sent through them, including the software, the operating logic of the Sites, menus, web pages, layouts, graphics and colors;

e User: indicates the users of the Sites and Services provided through them..
how do i know if the conditions on this page change?
If you want to always be informed about the updated General Conditions, we suggest you periodically consult this page. This will allow you to check if any changes or news have occurred following your last consultation of the Site. In fact, whenever the company modifies the General Conditions, in whole or in part, it will make the updated versions available to you by publishing it in this page.

I can use the sitehttps://tyna.it for professional use?
The contents and services of the site are normally intended for personal use. This means that if, for example, you consult the pages, download product information, etc., you will be required to perform these operations as a person acting for uses unrelated to any commercial, entrepreneurial and professional activity.

However, if the Service you use is among those that allow you to make purchases, in this case you can use the Service itself for both personal and professional use. This means that you are free to purchase through our Sites either for purposes unrelated to your commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activity that you may carry out, or in the exercise thereof..

what are the conditions and limits that I must observe when using the Company's website?
When you access our sites and related Contents and Services you undertake, in particular, the commitment to::

browse and use the Sites and Services at your free and complete discretion and under your total and exclusive responsibility;
not to use them for illegal purposes or to commit illegal activities;
not to use them in such a way as to interrupt, damage or compromise their efficiency and functioning in its entirety or in part;;
acknowledge that the Company is exempt from any liability in relation to any damage to the computer and other equipment of yours and / or third parties or to the data stored on it, without prejudice to any liability for willful misconduct and gross negligence attributable to the Company
to indemnify the Company and the subjects related to it from any responsibility for the conduct you maintain while using the Sites and Services;;
acknowledge that the Company is exempt from any liability for loss or damage connected in any way to the use and operation of the Site, including without limitation, damage resulting from suspension, interruption, non-functioning and / or inaccessibility to the Sites and Services, damages resulting from the transmission on the User's computer of any viruses and harmful materials, damages for loss of business, loss of profits, interruption of business, loss of commercial information, and / or any other type of pecuniary loss, except in cases of damage caused by willful misconduct o gross negligence;ave;
declare to know and accept that the Company does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the Contents and does not guarantee that the Site, the Services and the Contents are always provided without interruptions, promptly and securely;;
accept that the Company does not guarantee that any material errors in the Contents and Services provided through the Site are corrected promptly;
the images and photographs of the products I find on the site https://tyna.it/ are reliable?
The images, photographs and any representation on the Site has a purely illustrative function. The Company constantly adopts measures aimed at ensuring that the photographs shown on the Site are faithful reproductions of the original products, also resorting to the adoption of every possible technological solution to minimize inaccuracies. Nevertheless, some variations in the display of the images are always possible due to various causes, including technical ones, and sometimes due to the technological characteristics of color resolution with which the computer you use is equipped. Consequently, the Company cannot be held responsible for any inadequacy of the graphic representations of products shown on the Site due to the aforementioned technical reasons.e.

if I have not yet turned 18 I can use the site https://tyna.it?
If you have not yet turned 18 you can freely browse our sites. What you cannot do is use the Services that require registration or the provision of data and information. The registration and use of the services made available through the Site is allowed only to people over the age of 18. No one under this age threshold must register on the Site or use the services made available through it, except in cases where the minor has previously obtained the consent of a parent or legal guardian. In all cases in which you access and use even just one of the Services that require registration or the provision of data and information provided through the Site, you guarantee us that you are over the age of 18 and have the legal capacity to enter into binding contracts.i.

When browsing the Internet you see or are asked for information that you do not understand or are not clear to you always ask your parents for help. Remember: this always applies, not only for the https://tyna.it site, but for all the sites you visit on the Internet.

what policy does the Company apply regarding trademarks, domain names and intellectual property?
the Company owns the logo that identifies the Site and any other distinctive sign that includes the related words, including the related registered domain name.

The Company reserves the right to make exclusive use of its logos, brands, and distinctive signs.

The Contents and any other material present on the Sites and protected by current regulations on copyright, protection of trademarks and patents and / or by other provisions of the law, cannot be copied, modified, reproduced or used in any other way, except explicit and express authorization issued in writing by the Company, also as a result of further contractual and contractual agreements entered into with the User.e.

what cookies are and how they are used by the Company?
the site https://tyna.it uses cookies also issued by third parties. For information on the policy of use of cookies by the Site, you can consult our Privacy Policy. The Site may contain links to other websites unrelated to https://tyna.it. We point out that these websites are in no way managed or controlled by the Company which cannot in any way be held responsible for the contents and rules contained therein. These General Conditions are applicable exclusively to this Site and not to other websites that may be consulted by the User via links..

how the Company protects my privacy and my data?
For https://tyna.it people's privacy is a value. In particular, we are committed to protecting the privacy of the users of our Site; if you want to know how, we invite you to consult our Privacy Policy.

The Company adopts security measures and technical and organizational measures aimed at safeguarding the security of its Site and of the Users who use them. In particular, these measures are aimed at ensuring that the information relating to its Users is protected from risks of dispersion, destruction, unauthorized access, abuse or use that does not comply with the law.

With specific reference to the payment systems available for purchases through the Sites, we use the payment methods made available by the Paypal platform. No computer archive of the Company keeps such data.

With specific reference to the reserved areas made available to the User eg. myaccount, these are subject to registration and consequent assignment by the Company of an access credential consisting of a UserID identification code associated with a password keyword.ord).

You can make the most important contribution to the security of your password by observing a few simple precautions:

keep your password secret without communicating it to anyone and without transcribing it in any way;
do not allow anyone else to use it;
if you have any doubt that the secrecy of your password has been breached, change it. We remind you that for your greater security our systems force you to change the password that is assigned to you following registration at your first access to the Site, so that no one else besides you can know it;

These General Conditions are governed by Italian law and will be interpreted on the basis of it. Any disputes inherent and / or consequent to the same must be resolved exclusively by the Italian judicial authority.
Rights of interested parties
The interested party has the right at any time to exercise the rights referred to in art. 7 of the Privacy Code. In particular, it has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or otherwise of the data provided, content and origin, verify its accuracy or request its integration, updating, rectification, cancellation for legitimate reasons. To exercise their rights, the interested party can write to the e-mail address: info@tyna.ittyna.it
The owner of the processing of personal data is the individual company Di Roma Antonio with Community VAT number n. IT02003660764 REA number PZ - 150516 based in Melfi PZZ)