Tyna.it was born from a dream. The dream of creating a place where every woman feels unique, extraordinary and exceptionally beautiful.

Women are unique, each different and, above all, perfect for each of us.

We want to show the world that the most beautiful thing we have is within each of us, regardless of size, we must bring out this beauty. Starting fromour underwear, the first clothes we wear every morning and the ones that really define us.

We sell these wonderful products for you, so that you can express yourself through your underwear.

Today with Tyna.it we do this:

"We support great women who do great things. Our main purpose is to give women security in every daily situation."

Because safety starts from within. Whether you are at work or out and about with friends a good undergarment can change your day.

For this we offer a range ofspecial undergarments created specifically to revolutionize the world of women regardless of body shape and age.
Our slimming containment underwear makes your day easier and more beautiful by offering targeted support to sculpt, streamline and shape the body of every woman, offering solutions to skin blemishes:
  • Cellulite
  • Orange peel skin
  • Loose skin following rapid weight loss
  • Falling arms or the so-called "bat wings"
  • Swollen belly
  • Flabby belly
  • Wide hips
  • Big thighs


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