The most suitable swimsuits and bikinis for you based on your body: Swimwear and bikinis

Article published at: Feb 9, 2024 Article tag: 11 Consigli per scegliere il costume da bagno
I costumi da bagno e bikini più adatti a te in base al tuo corpo: Costumi da bagno e bikini - Intimo modellante snellente contenitivo donna
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Tell us what your shapes are and we will tell you which swimsuits and bikinis will suit you the most.
Swimsuit choice shouldn't be a nightmare. But who has not been discouraged sometimes in front of the dressing room mirror, with an impossible bathing suit, whiter than the wall and a few extra pounds . Does it seem real to you? It is not a question of martyrdom or of changing our body, but of accepting its forms and strengthening them to the maximum. Because large breasts can find a V-neckline a great solution and small hips can be enhanced with a side ruffle .
So don't put your hands on your head and, before taking the dreaded bikini test, get advice. We assure you that this is the ultimate guide to finally finding that perfect and unbeatable 'swimsuit' that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable in the sun.

Swimsuit for large breasts

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Forget bikinis and small tops . Your 'poitrine' needs the best support in order not to overflow in any movement underwater.
Large, reinforced cups , V -necks, sporty or halter necklines , wide straps , double-stitched bands, and simple tones or subtle prints are the best options for a confident and flattering bathroom look.

Swimsuit for small breasts

Finding a swimsuit that flatters your breasts is often a challenge. It's about creating volume, so you are looking for pieces with all kinds of decorations on the chest: ruffles, lace, bows, striking prints ...
Another alternative for shaping small breasts are push-up or padded necklines , which help add extra volume.

Swimsuit for wide hips

Corresponds to triangular or pear -shaped figures. Attention must be diverted from this area, so it is necessary to avoid underpants with ornaments and choose simple , smooth, and trendy, high-waisted briefs.
As for swimwear , models that refine the silhouette , for example, designs with prints in the upper part and solid and dark colors in the lower part.
It is characteristic of rectangular silhouettes , with a poorly defined waist , so trikinis with "cutouts " or side openings will define your curves to perfection.

Swimsuit for small hips

In both pieces, mix & match, better low-waisted briefs with ruffles or bows to add volume.
And in the one- piece swimsuits , V-necklines in bright colors and embellishments or prints on the bottom

Swimsuit for curvy women

Your body is dominated by curves and your silhouette is oval, so you need dark swimsuits that shape your figure , avoiding colorful prints. Vertical stripes and two-tone swimsuits (on the sides) are useful for hiding the pounds because they stylize and give a feeling of elongation. In bikinis, try the retro high-waisted briefs , which will help you hide your belly.

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Swimsuit for wide shoulders

If you have an inverted triangle silhouette, choose triangular or halter neck models, which are also perfect for hiding a wide chest and narrow hips.

Swimsuit for short women

Short women are in luck, because '80s-inspired swimwear and briefs are back, with a high waist to make your legs endless.
Contrary to what you've always been able to think, over-covering can be counterproductive. Forget retro panties that cover too much and halter tops (not bras , tops). Take advantage of the plunging necklines and high legs to visually lighten the silhouette.