Here is Kim Kardashian's favorite weight loss method

Article published at: Dec 15, 2017
Il Metodo Dimagrante Preferito di Kim Kardashian: Body Contenitivi
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We all know that to have one flawless silhouette It is not enough to eat well, do a lot of physical activity, live in a healthy and relaxed way: To have an impeccable silhouette you need a special underwear from

Kim Kardashian lato BEcco il metodo dimagrante preferito di Kim Kardashian

After giving birth, West's wife revealed her method of shaping her figure and, months later, she continues to use them to shape her curves. The incredulous in front of hiscellulite, they wondered how it was possible that no transparency, no tight dress, no leggings had ever shown asubsidence, alittle hole or a little bit oforange peel skin on his very famous side B. The answer, in fact, Kim never hid it.

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On her reality show Kim K admitted she couldn't leave the house without wearing an undergarment Spanx, for example thesheaths orshaping shorts and push ups, abdomen, hips and thighs.

Kim even admitted to wearing two together, she also told which are her favorite models, in short: how much "support" there is under thosetight-fitting clothesAnd if you woman, mere mortal use the same trick. Imagine the results you can achieve.

Ecco il metodo dimagrante preferito di Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian confessed that she loves her body the way it is.

After the birth of the first child, insecurities increased. Meanwhile only the containment sheaths helped.

Ecco il metodo dimagrante preferito di Kim Kardashian

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To hide some of his insecurities he runs after the photoshoot without veils, and photos that leave little to the imagination.

It's no secret that Kim uses modeling underwearspanx  but she has an extra trick:Use more than one at the same time, as he recently revealed.

Themiraculous shaping bands they are not new to celebrities. Many of them use them forretrieve the figure at specific times, like Brad Pitt, who is said to have found an ally inSpanx or Jessica Alba, who used corsetsafter childbirth. It is also known that many help these garments to stylize their figure onRed carpet. But the truth is, we already know who recommended it to Kim. His sister Khloé shared this photo last May.

Ecco il metodo dimagrante preferito di Kim KardashianKim Kardashian foto 2018