Some problems about underwear that every woman can understand

Article published at: Sep 6, 2020 Article tag: 6 tipi di mutande e biancheria intima che ogni donna deve avere
Alcuni problemi sull'intimo che ogni donna può capire - Intimo modellante snellente contenitivo donna
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1. When the culottes curls: a tragedy! The winning idea of the culottes is to contain the shapes but generally it does nothing but cover the thighs, instead of the Side B. So when the culottes curls the part on the thighs remains covered revealing part of the butt like any other panty. What is the point of all this?


2. When you have to completely change your outfit for the simple fact that the right underwear has yet to be washed.You absolutely cannot wear that skirt, if you were in the middle of a faint breeze, the fabric of the skirt would adhere to your butt putting you at the top of the rankingVPL ( EdV.isibleP.antyLine: when panties are clearly seen from underneath clothing, usually under light-white skirts / pants..


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Alcuni problemi sull'intimo che ogni donna può capire


3. You're packing for a trip, instead of planning the right pair of panties, you think, "To hell with it! I'll take them all!" Put away 23 pairs of underwear because "you never know" when instead, yes you know ...


4. When your favorite model is not usable you have to fall back on the usual ones you have from the Jurassic period and for budget problems you can't do new shopping. "Even if you fall apart, I will always keep you with me, my beloved culotte from Gap Body.

5. CRAZY UNDERWEAR. Why do you have to live in a world where panties still run the risk of hooking up to the bra, to the zip of the dress, to the fabric of the lace top. own time to fix your underwear, even among those who have the most shapely of butts, instead of overwhelming the patriarchy. How can we change things "It seems to me an interesting idea.e.

6. The sad day you wear your favorite lingerie coincides with the day of your period.I use an app on my phone to keep track of days between periods but unfortunately it didn't work and now my favorite panties look like a prop from the Psyco movie. Great!

7. When you own underwear whose label timidly says "hand wash only".I HAVE NO INTENTION TO HAND WASH ANY ITEM. SHY FUCK YOURSELF. And let me guess, dear panties, you'd also like me to buy a drying rack to put you out to dry. Ah, aha. Not even..


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8. When all the lingerie you have is dirty and you are undecided between doing the small hours to wash it all or behaving like those girls who buy new ones to replace the dirty one. The same dilemma every time.

9. When you try to take off your panties in a sexy way in front of a guy and you realize that there is a small loss. It's normal, but it just doesn't make you feel great.

Underwear is a very important weapon of seduction for a woman. It is also a pleasant game.